Careers in Physics

Careers in Physics

An education in physics prepares you for a wide range of careers including, but not limited to, research and teaching. The training a physics major receives in critical thinking and analytical problem solving and the experienced gained with mathematics, computation and experimental apparatus is suitable and of great value to many employers and advanced degree programs.  About one half of our majors do go on to pursue graduate degrees in physics, engineering or a related field at some of the most prestigous schools in the country. Others have pursued careers in a variety of very different areas.

For example, our physics graduates have worked as
  • lawyers
  • college and university faculty
  • high school teachers
  • architects/city planners
  • doctors
  • editors
  • lab techs
  • researchers
  • veterinarians
  • software developers
  • rock musicians
  • engineers

And they have pursued their work in a variety of settings:

  • investment banking and finance
  • industrial and government research facilities
  • universities and colleges
  • publishing and science writing
  • public policy
  • the U.S. Patent Offices

The Department maintains a small library on career information in the mailroom outside the departmental office. Publications by American Institute of Physics are of particular value. Other useful sites are:

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