Physics: Undergraduate Student Theses


  1. "Characterizing the 4shooter dark matter detector" by Tonima Tasnim Ananna
  2. "Modeling the motion in 2,7-di-t-butylpyrene using nuclear magnetic resonance relaxation" by Hosannah Odhner
  3. "Measuring the W-value of CF4 in order to calibrate dark matter detectors" by Leigh Schaefer
  4. "Hawking radiation as quantum tunneling" by Srividya Suresh
  5. "Development of a temperature-controlled system for nanomechanical tensile testing" by Soraya Terrab


  1. "External cavity diode laser system to examine excited rubidium Rydberg states" by Genny Gish Allouche
  2. "Simulating effects of climate change on pollution transport in the Delaware River estuary" by Holly Brunner
  3. "Creating a 2D map of the neutron background for DMTPC" by Kathryn Meehan (Haverford)
  4. "Fabrication and magnetic characterization of nanoporous nickel structures" by Han-Chang Yang


  1. "Finding irreducible representations of the symmetric group using the permutational model of quantum computing" by Allison Fink
  2. "Observation of a Heavy Rydberg System in Molecular Hydrogen" by Emma Wisniewski-Barker


  1. "AFM Imaging of (GAA)41- DNA repeat related to Friedrich's ataxia disease" by Stoyana Alexandrova
  2. "A new MOT using coated windows for the excitation of a single Rydberg atom" by Emily Altiere
  3. "Spin dynamics of magnetic nanodisks" by Meghan Mahoney
  4. " A new laser system for the excitation of Rydberg states in Rb" by Bonnie Schmittberger
  5. "Solid state nuclear magnetic resonance relaxation and methyl group rotation in 4,4'-dimethoxybiphenyl" by Evan Schneider


  1. "Observations of the B''B-bar State of Molecular Hydrogen in the Third Dissociation Threshold Region" by Deborah Farrington
  2. "Excitation of cold Rydberg atoms in a new magneto-optical trap" by Laura Popa


  1. "Educating Urban Youth with a Relational Approach to Physics" Ashley Dawkins
  2. "The relationship between the proton spin relaxation rate and the molecular and crystal structure in t-butylcalix[4]arene" by Candacia Greeman
  3. "Observation of High Vibrational Levels of the B''B-bar State of H2" by Laura Gudorf
  4. "Exciting Rydberg states of rubidium atoms" by Rohini Kamal
  5. "Observing H2 Molecules in High Vibrational Levels of the B''B-bar State" by Yingzi Wang


  1. "Observation and Analysis of the v=63 and 64 levels of the B''B-bar State of H2" by Claire Davy


  1. "Double Resonance Spectroscopy of Large-R States in H2" by Shirley Chen
  2. "Far off resonance trapping" by Mary Lyon
  3. "Construction of a dye laser for excitation of trapped rubidium" by Rebecca Pouy


  1. "Construction of a magneto-optical trap" by Sebastian Mankowski (Haverford)
  2. "Many-body effects in a frozen Rydberg gas" by Shubha Sunder


  1. "A solid state nuclear magnetic resonance relaxation study of 1,3-dimethoxy-4-t-butylcalix[4]arene" by Kerstin Nordstrom
  2. "A nuclear magnetic resonance study of 3-CF3 phenanthrene" by Jessie Rosenberg


  1. "Exciting lithium atoms to Rydberg states" by Mary Kutteruf
  2. "Parallel Data Acquisition for Molecular Spectroscopy using LabView" by Sierra Laidman
  3. "Resonantly Enhanced Multiphoton Ionization of the B', C and D' States of H2" by Laurel Rachmeler


  1. "Nuclear magnetic relaxation in 2-t-butyl-4-methyl-hydroxybenzene: Relaxation measurements and data analysis" by Elizabeth Allocco
  2. "Design and Test of a Novel Molecular Discharge Source" by Ekua Anane-Fenin
  3. "Atom trapping – stable operation and trap charactnerization" by Anne Goodsell
  4. "Nuclear magnetic resonance of 1-CF3-phenanthrene and 3-CF3-phenanthrene: A preliminary study of nuclear spin relaxation in asymmetric molecules with two different spin-½ nuclei" by Maria Herd
  5. "Construction of a diode laser for far-off resonance trapping" by Ellen Kruger
  6. "Nuclear magnetic relaxation in 2-t-butyl-4-methylhydroxy-benzene: Relaxation measurements and experimental methods" by Carolyn Kuranz
  7. "Mutual information" by Erin Schwamb


  1. "Cross-correlation analysis of sleep EEG" by Emily Belzer
  2. "Construction of a magneto-optical trap for laser cooling and trapping" by Katharine Claringbould
  3. "A 8.50 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance relaxometry study of 2-t-butyl-4-methylhydroxybenzene" by Carol Paty


  1. "Zeeman relaxation in 2-t-butylanthracene" by Kendra Burbank
  2. "Coupled logistic maps" by Tamara Metz
  3. "A New Discharge Source for the Spectroscopy of Hy drogen" by April C. Terrell
  4. "Numerical Fitting of the Hyperfine Constants for NO" by Rebecca C. Thompson


  1. "Chaos in coupled logistic maps" by Kendra Burbank
  2. "The Photodissociation Dynamics of Rydberg States of Acetylene" by Beth Lindsey
  3. "Zeeman relaxation in 2-ethylanthracene" by Jessica Ree
  4. "State-Selective Quantum Beat Spectrosopy by Using Time-Resolved, Two-Color, Resonant Four-Wave Mixing" by Edina Sarajlic
  5. "Covariance analysis of multichannel EEG signals" by Jennifer Schnur
  6. "A study of the effects of thermal history on the proton spin-lattice relaxation rate in two organic molecular solids" by Erin Slonaker


  1. "Molecular cluster production with a cooled pulsed nozzle source" by Will Bergerson (Haverford College), advised with Charles Miller, Haverford College, Department of Chemistry
  2. "Coupled behavior of coupled Chay neurons" by Kari Horney
  3. "Synchronization in a system of coupled Rössler units" by Heather Fleming
  4. "Rydberg state structure of the DABCO molecule" by Alice Towey
  5. "Linear and Nonlinear Dynamics of the Nd: YAG Diode Pumped Laser" by Annah Marie Winfield


  1. "Degenerate four-wave mixing in Rhodamine-590 at 532 nm" by Jessica Grochocinski
  2. "Proton spin-lattice relaxation in 2-t-butylanthraquinone" by Matty Lau
  3. "New application of the long-range interaction model to the 8f, v+ =1 Rydberg state energies of N2" by Melinda Nickelson
  4. "Proton spin-lattice relaxation in 2-ethylanthraquinone" by Tracy Weber


  1. "Methyl and t-butyl rotation in 2,6-di-t-butylnaph-thalene: nuclear spin relaxation experiments and the use of the software program Origin for data analysis" by Katharine Martin Clemo
  2. "The analysis of nuclear spin relaxation rate data using the software program Kaleidagraph" by Jennifer Mosher
  3. "Assembly of a Photophysics Laboratory and Preliminary Experiments in Laser-Induced Fluorescence of Nitric Oxide" by Eleanor Warfield
  4. "Numerical Calculation of Visual Aerosol Optical Depth Over the Atlantic Ocean Using Meteosat Satellite Imagery and Validation of Modified Background Desert Model from Shettle" by Heather May White
  5. "Mode Dynamics of a HeNe Laser with an External Phase-Conjugate Mirror" by Emily Peterson
  6. "Optical Structure of the Central Galaxy in the Zwicky 3146 Cluster" by Jennifer Lotz
  7. "A 300W, 7MHz Class-E Power Amplifier for Communications" by Eileen E. Lau


  1. "Kolmogorov-Smirnov Analysis of Electroencephalograms" by Rochelle Lao
  2. "Kolmogorov-Smirnov Analysis of Electroencephalograms" by Joli Rightmyer
  3. "Assembly of a photophysics laboratory and preliminary experiments in laser-induced fluorescence of Nitric Oxide" by Eleanor Warfield


  1. "Nuclear spin relaxation in 1-methylpyrene" by Hania Al-Hallaq
  2. "A theoretical study of correlation functions for non-random processes" by Tess Powers
  3. "Using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test to compare EMG's" by Eliza Stefaniw
  4. "The Laser Lorenz Model" by Adrianne Allen


  1. "Neural nets" by Gary Garber (Haverford College)
  2. "A theoretical calculation of the zeeman spin-lattice relaxation rate in a polycrystalline solid with methyl reorientation in a potential with both a 3-fold and a 6-fold component" by Linette Prawirodirjo


  1. "A theoretical study of the stretched exponential function" by Stephanie Goellner
  2. "Dynamical analysis of electromyographic signals" by Deborah Murphy
  3. "Nuclear spin relaxation in 1,3-diisopropylbenzene; isopropyl structure and dynamics" by Brian Roe (Haverford)
  4. "Proton spin relaxation and structure and dynamics in 2-ethylnaphthalene" by Jessica Weiss (Haverford)



  1. "Proton zeeman relaxation and models for t-butyl reorientation in 2,4,6-tri-t-butylbromobenzene" by Anne Fry
  2. "A study of heart electrical activity, ventricular fibrillation, using the mathematical theory of dynamical systems and chaos" by Despo Louca
  3. "Nuclear spin relaxation in isopropylbenzene" by Amy Plofker (Haverford)


  1. "Correlation dimensions of human electroencephalograms" by Ellie Kohler
  2. "Experimental studies of rat cortical activity: evidence for chaotic neural dynamics" by Jean Schulz (as a post-bacc)
  3. "Correlation dimensions of human electroencephalograms" by Senti Thobejane (Haverford College)


  1. "Proton Zeeman relaxation in t-butylbenzene; models for t-butyl reorientation in the solid state" by Robin Hathorn
  2. "Correlation dimensions of event-related potentials" by Maggie Y. M. Lee
  3. "Dynamics and Spectra of Gain-Switched Semiconductor Lasers" by Julie A. Sheridan


  1. "The dimensions of chaotic attractors" by Joanna Muench


  1. "Synthesis, high resolution NMR and solid state proton spin-lattice relaxation in 3-t-butylchrysene" by Carolyn Buser
  2. "Proton spin-lattice relaxation in 3-t-butylchrysene" by Jee-Sun Oh
  3. "Spin-lattice relaxation in 4,4'-methylenebis(di-t-butylhydroxy-benzene" by Stella Yong


  1. "Spin-lattice relaxation in 2,4- and 2,5-di-t-butylhydroxybenzene and distributions of activation energies for methyl and t-butyl reorientation" by Emily Fisch
  2. "A preliminary dipolar relaxation study" by Manjula Narasimhan


  1. "An NMR study of methyl and isopropyl motion in organic molecular solids" by Angela Cheung
  2. "A review of a pulsed NMR spectroscopy apparatus for measuring nuclear spin relaxation rates" by Ruth Herzog
  3. "Pointwise dimension calculations for the strange attractor in a chaotic single-mode Xenon-Neon laser" by Catherine Searle


  1. "A study of activation energy distributions for NMR relaxation experiments" by Margaret Carrington
  2. "Nuclear spin relaxation and methyl and t-butyl group motion in organic molecular solids" by Florence Fusco
  3. "Spin-lattice relaxation in 1,4-di-t-butylbenzene" by Ann O'Neill


  1. "Nuclear spin relaxation in 4,4'-methylenebis(di-t-butylhydroxy-benzene)" by Swee Lian Tan



  1. "Proton spin-lattice relaxation in 3,5-di-t-butylhydroxy-benzene" by Meigan Aronson
  2. "A Hamiltonian approach to some nonlinear problems" by Wei-Chun Goh
  3. "Proton spin relaxation in 2,6-di-t-butylhydroxybenzene" by Becky Ross


  1. "The effect of the hydroxy proton on the spin-lattice relaxation rate in 4,4'-methylenebis(di-t-butylhydroxybenzene)" by Vicki Guerra


  1. "The Navier-Stokes equation: some solutions using an electrostatic analogy" by Mita Gupta
  2. "Nuclear spin relaxation in a single crystal of 4-methyl-2,6-di-t-butlyhydroxybenzene" by Anne Wehrle





  1. "A Study of Nerve Behavior in MYXICOLA" by Dolores H. Pretorius




    1.  "A Test on the Kinetic Properties of A gNa-gk Coupled Model" by Jade Li


   1.  "Review and Correlation of  Membrane Research and Associated Studies Toward the Construction of a Three-Dimensional Model of the Nervous Membrane" by

         Barbara Ann Wester            






    1. "The Effect of Soft X-Ray Upon the Activity of Single Axons in the Nerve Cord of Lumbricus" by Carol A. Travis


    1.  "Design and Initial Construction of an Ion Source" by Ann Sewall Merriam


    1.  "The Irradiation of the Onion Root" by Ann Sanford Werner