Physics: Student Theses


  1. "Characterizing the 4shooter dark matter detector" by Tonima Tasnim Ananna
  2. "Measuring the W-value of CF4 in order to calibrate dark matter detectors" by Leigh Schaefer
  3. "Hawking radiation as quantum tunneling" by Srividya Suresh
  4. "Development of a temperature-controlled system for nanomechanical tensile testing" by Soraya Terrab


  1. "External cavity diode laser system to examine excited rubidium Rydberg states" by Genny Gish Allouche
  2. "Simulating effects of climate change on pollution transport in the Delaware River estuary" by Holly Brunner
  3. "Creating a 2D map of the neutron background for DMTPC" by Kathryn Meehan (Haverford)
  4. "Fabrication and magnetic characterization of nanoporous nickel structures" by Han-Chang Yang


  1. "Finding irreducible representations of the symmetric group using the permutational model of quantum computing" by Allison Fink


  1. "AFM Imaging of (GAA)41- DNA repeat related to Friedrich's ataxia disease" by Stoyana Alexandrova
  2. "A new MOT using coated windows for the excitation of a single Rydberg atom" by Emily Altiere
  3. "Spin dynamics of magnetic nanodisks" by Meghan Mahoney
  4. " A new laser system for the excitation of Rydberg states in Rb" by Bonnie Schmittberger


  1. "Excitation of cold Rydberg atoms in a new magneto-optical trap" by Laura Popa


  1. "Exciting Rydberg states of rubidium atoms" by Rohini Kamal



  1. "Far off resonance trapping" by Mary Lyon
  2. "Construction of a dye laser for excitation of trapped rubidium" by Rebecca Pouy


  1. "Construction of a magneto-optical trap" by Sebastian Mankowski (Haverford)
  2. "Many-body effects in a frozen Rydberg gas" by Shubha Sunder



  1. "Exciting lithium atoms to Rydberg states" by Mary Kutteruf


  1. "Atom trapping – stable operation and trap characterization" by Anne Goodsell
  2. "Construction of a diode laser for far-off resonance trapping" by Ellen Kruger


  1. "Construction of a magneto-optical trap for laser cooling and trapping" by Katharine Claringbould


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