Physics at Bryn Mawr College

Bryn Mawr has a strong reputation for academic excellence in Physics. In 2003, the National Task Force on Undergraduate Physics choose Bryn Mawr as one of 21 schools that exemplify best practices in creating thriving physics departments. The faculty are dedicated teachers, accomplished researchers, and supportive mentors. The curriculum offers strong laboratory training, engaging classroom experiences and meaningful opportunities for undergraduate research.

When a student chooses to come to Bryn Mawr she finds herself surrounded by intelligent, motivated women, diverse in culture and background, who challenge themselves and each other. She also finds that these same women provide a friendly, supportive peer group which helps each surmount the challenges of a rich curriculum. Physics majors form a unique part of the dynamic community of students at Bryn Mawr.

Although students spend many of their days and nights hitting the books (and computers ... and any lab equipment nearby), physics majors have pursued a full complement of activities at Bryn Mawr. Our majors have been active in the Dance Program, with various athletic teams including, field hockey, swimming, and track and field, and as editors of the student newspaper. Several majors have participated in Bi-Co music groups and the a capella choirs on campus.

Double majors are a popular way for students to pursue related interests, for example, in mathematics, astronomy (at Haverford), environmental science and other fields of study as diverse as the languages, economics, or archaeology. Many students also attend courses at nearby Haverford College and Swarthmore College as well as the University of Pennsylvania. Students frequently attend talks at these schools and others have traveled as far as Ashville, North Carolina, for a physics road trip.

Senior and Junior Major Representatives not only bring issues to the department on behalf of all majors, but also organize many of the gatherings that bring the department together. Each Spring the department sponsors an end of the year picnic and throughout the year, majors gather at social teas, pizza parties, and the ever popular, liquid nitrogen ice cream parties.

Each year physics students create T-shirts with a caption that expresses their year.

The 1994 T-shirt proudly read, "109 Years of Women in Classically Forbidden Regions"

In 1991, the shirts proclaimed, "106 Years of Strangely Attractive Women"

And the 1999 T-shirt read, "114 Years of Women Optimizing Their Potential"

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