MARCH 18, 2015

Please see the Admissions Update page for information about the application process and the final deadline for applications to the 2015-2016 class.

Strong Academic Record

Since admission to the program is highly selective, we look for applicants who show a strong academic record at both the high school and college level. In general, accepted students have better than a B+ (3.3) average at the college level and standardized test scores consistent with that level of performance. Your motivation for becoming a physician will also be considered, along with your career history, volunteer activities, and any experiences you have had in health care. Letters of recommendation give us further insights into your capabilities.

Getting to Know You

In order to evaluate your eligibility for the Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program, we get to know you in two ways—through your written application and an interview, if you are invited after an initial screening. Combined, this information helps our admissions committee to determine whether your previous academic work, current goals, and motivation level are consistent with the requirements of our program. Our admissions committee members include representatives from the science faculty, the Undergraduate Admissions Office, and the Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program Office.

Campus Visit and Interview

If we feel you are a qualified candidate based on your application, we will invite you to spend a day at Bryn Mawr College. More than a personal interview, this visit is a comprehensive and informative process in which we get to know one another. To help you decide whether Bryn Mawr is the right choice for you, you will attend an information session given by the director of the Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program. You will also have lunch and tour the campus with current students, and perhaps even sit in on a class. After lunch, you will meet with a member of the admissions committee for a personal interview and individual academic advising.

If you would need to travel a long distance to participate in our on-campus interview day, a telephone or Skype video interview can be scheduled.  A telephone or Skype interview does not put you at a disadvantage in terms of your prospects for admission.

When to Apply

Admission to the Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program is conducted on a rolling basis starting in the fall with decisions made throughout the year; however, applying early is recommended because there are many more qualified applicants than spaces. We encourage college seniors to wait to apply until after you have your fall semester grades; please check this link for more information.

New Early Action Admission Option

We are now offering an early action admission option. If your application to our program is submitted by October 8th and all supporting application materials (recommendations, test scores, transcripts, etc) are received by October 15th, you will be guaranteed an admissions decision by December 10th.

Despite this early action option, we still encourage college seniors to wait to apply until after you have your fall semester grades; please check this link for more information. Because the admissions committee may choose to defer consideration of applications from seniors until fall grades have been received, we cannot guarantee early action decisions for seniors.

The deadlne for the application to the 2015-2016 postbac class is Wednesday February 11, 2015.

Application PROCESS

We accept applications via both our online and paper based processes.  Please click on the Application navigation link to the left to access both types of applications.


After your interview is completed, our admissions committee will review your candidacy and make a decision about your admission to the program within four to six weeks.

We appreciate your interest in the Bryn Mawr College Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program and look forward to working with you in the postbac admissions process.