Bryn Mawr offers...
highly motivated career changers who never took the premedical courses the opportunity to complete an intensive, full-time preparation for medical school in one year. The home of one of the nation’s oldest, strongest, and most respected postbaccalaureate premedical programs, Bryn Mawr achieves a consistent medical school acceptance rate of more than 98 percent.

Our intellectually charged, rewarding environment is the ideal size—large enough for you to encounter a variety of perspectives, yet small enough to offer a tight-knit community of diverse individuals with a shared goal of becoming a physician. Supportive, individual academic and premedical advising is one of the hallmarks of the Bryn Mawr program.

Bryn Mawr maintains linkages with a large selection of medical schools offering provisional early acceptance—more than any other postbac program—and we provide our students with the opportunity to visit each of these schools and to access postbac alumni who are students at these schools.

We can also connect you with a diverse network of medically related volunteer and job opportunities through our contacts with alumni and other leaders in the health-care community.

We welcome your application.

MARCH 18, 2015

Please see the Admissions Update page for information about the application process and the final deadline for applications to the 2015-2016 class.