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Procedure for Inviting International Academic Guests

All International Guests

1. As soon as possible (ideally 90 days prior to the guest’s visit) the inviting faculty member completes the International Guest Form and emails the completed form to Patti Lausch, Sharon Bain, and the Department Academic Administrative Assistant (AAA).

2. Upon receipt of the completed form, Patti advises the faculty member and Sharon regarding the appropriate visa and payment options for foreign nationals invited to campus, as well as any immigration-related issues for the visitor. (This step can be completed via email ‘reply to all’.) Sharon, in conjunction with the inviting faculty member, communicates these immigration-related issues to the guest and continues to work with Patti and the guest until the issues are resolved.

3. Once any immigration-related issues are addressed, Sharon emails the guest a formal letter of invitation (cc’ing Patti, the faculty member, and the department AAA) that describes the details of the visit and explains Bryn Mawr’s GLACIER requirement for international guests receiving an honorarium.

4. The guest signs and returns the invitation letter to Sharon.

International Guests Receiving an Honorarium

5. Upon receipt of the signed letter of invitation from the guest, Sharon creates a GLACIER account for the guest. A Bionic record will also be created for the guest, and Sharon will email the guest’s ID number to the department AAA.

6. Upon receipt of the email notification that their GLACIER account has been created, the guest completes the GLACIER record. Upon completion of the GLACIER record (either prior to or upon arrival at Bryn Mawr), the guest provides the GLACIER report and all required supporting documents listed on the Glacier report to the AAA.

7. Upon receipt of the GLACIER report and supporting documents from the guest, the Academic Administrative Assistant reviews the GLACIER documents for completeness then sends the GLACIER documents and request for payment to Patti Lausch.

8. Patti reviews the GLACIER report and immigration documents, and if the required documents are in order, sends the request for payment to the Controller’s Office.  If any required documents are missing or not in order, Patti contacts the AAA.