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Procedure for Inviting International Guests

Before the Guest Arrives in the U.S. or on Campus

1. Verbal Invitation by host department

(Faculty member/Host)

The Faculty member/Host extends a verbal invitation to the international scholar-guest to visit campus and deliver a lecture, presentation, or workshop. The Faculty member/Host should outline the terms of the visit. Faculty member/Host will gather and/or discern the following information for discussion with their Support Person.

  1. What is the name, title and department name of Faculty member/Host?
  2. What is the name of the Support Person for this visit?
  3. What is the full name of the applicant (guest), their mailing and email addresses?
  4. Does the applicant (guest) have a valid visa? If so, what type of visa?
  5. What dates will the applicant (guest) be on campus?
  6. What will he/she be doing, specifically, while on campus?
  7. Will he/she receive an honorarium? How much?
  8. Will he/she receive reimbursement?
  9. How will the applicant (guest) enter the country?
  10. Will the applicant (guest) stop anywhere before arriving on campus?

Note: Guests are subject to Bryn Mawr College’s Expense and Reimbursement policies. If guests have a question,please refer them the Expense and Reimbursement policy.

2. Faculty Member/Host discusses invitation with Support Person.

(Faculty member/Host, Support Person)

Faculty member/Host speaks with Support Person concerning the details of the visit.

Support Person forwards that the visit details to the Provost Office.

3. Support Person sends Guest confirmation email.

(Support Person)

Support Person sends the following confirmation email to Guest:

Dear Professor < >:

I am so pleased that you will be joining the campus community to do <x,y,z>. I am supporting Professor < > in the administrative details of your visit.  Below is the link to the College’s Guest Resources webpage.

The Guest Resources Page will provide you with instructions on the next steps to accept your invitation.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


<Support Person Name>

Note: International Guests are required to complete a International Guest Data Form. This forms assists our office in processing the guests visa paperwork in a speedy manor.

4. Guest completes International Guest Data Form.


Guest will complete the International Guest Data Form. Below is a link to the form:

International Guest Data Form for web

The Guest is directed to send the form to the Provost’s Office.

5.  Provost’s Office issues standard letter of invitation and creates Guest’s Glacier record.

(Provost’s Office, Office of International Programs, Support Person)

Once the Provost’s Office receives the completed International Guest Data Form, the  Provost’s Office notifies the Office of International Programs and Support Person.

The Provost’s Office issues a standard letter of invitation to the international scholar-guest, which outlines the terms of the offer.

Provost’s Office generates Glacier record for guest. GLACIER, is the College’s web-based, tax-compliance software. 

6.   Guest signs letter of Invitation and returns to Provost's Office.

(Guest, Provost’s Office)

Guest signs the letter of invitation and returns the letter to the Provost’s


Note: The Provost Office will accept a copy of this letter that is signed, scanned and emailed tothe Provost Office.

7.     Guest begins Glacier record.


Guest follows Glacier’s instructions and prepares the necessary paperwork to bring with her/him to campus. Those documents are given to the Support Person upon arrival.

After the Guest Arrives In the United States

Guests who have not yet arrived in U.S. may begin the GLACIER record while abroad. They will have to complete the record after arrival in the U.S., once they have obtained pertinent immigration documents.   

 Guests have two options depending upon their itinerary:

a. A guest who enters the U.S. a week or more before the Bryn Mawr campus visit may submit by mail his/her complete package of documentation to the Academic Administrative Assistant.

b. Upon arrival at Bryn Mawr College, the guest submits GLACIER documents in-person to the Academic Administrative Assistant.

8.    Guest arrives on Campus with Glacier Record.

(Guest, Office of International Programs, Support Person)

The Support Person receives and reviews the Guest’s Glacier package for completeness.

9.     Support Person submits the request for payment.

         (Support Person, Office of International Programs)

Support Person submits the Glacier documents along with an A/P payment request to the Office of International Programs, who will review the documentation.  

Support Person makes a copy of A/P payment request for their budgetfiles.

10.    Request for Payment Submitted

(Support Person, Office of International Programs)

After the service has been rendered, the Guest’s Glacier package is complete, and the Office of International Programs, has approved the documents:

  • Support Person makes copy of A/P payment requests for their records. Support Person takes A/P payment request to the Office of International Programs.
  • Office of International Programs will submit the A/P payment request to the Controller's Office.Glacier documentation is attached to the payment requests.
  • Requests for Payment are processed according to the Accounts Payable schedule.

Note: The College does not create same day checks.

The complete policy on inviting International Guests can be found here.