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Information about Our Faculty

Bryn Mawr has more than 40 areas of undergraduate study that combined afford students a choice among 36 majors, 38 minors and eight interdepartmental concentrations.  The College also has graduate programs in 9 disciplinary areas. 

This curricular richness requires faculty leadership.

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Recent Faculty Publications:

Journal Article: Assistant Professor of Biology Sydne Record

Towards Process-Cased Range Modeling of Many Species Authors: Evans, Margaret E. K.; Merow, Cor...

Journal Article: Professor of German and Comaprative Literature Azade Seyhan

The Enduring Legacy of German Romanticism Author: Seyhan, Azade. GERMAN QUARTERLY, 89 (3):344-3...

Journal Article: Professor of East Asian Languages and Culture Shiamin Kwa

Comics at the surface: Michael DeForge's Ant Colony Author: Kwa, Shiamin. "Comics at...

Journal Article: Assistant Professor of Mathematics Djordje Milicevic

"Bounds For Eigenforms On Arithmetic Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds" Duke Mathematical Journal...

Journal Article: Professor of English Peter Briggs

"The Hesitant Modernity of John Dunton" Eighteenth-Century Life, Vol. 40, Number 2, Pa...