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New Members of the Academic Community AY 2016-2017

New Tenure Track Faculty

Richard Eisenberg, Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Qinna Shen, Assistant Professor, Bi-College German and German Studies

Colby J. Gordon, Assistant Professor, English

Sylvia Houghteling, Assistant Professor, History of Art

Piper Coutinho-Sledge, Assistant Professor, Sociology

Collin Rice, Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Kathryne Daniel, Assistant Professor, Physics

Sofia Fenner, Assistant Professor, Political Science


New Continuing Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Lisa Hernandez-Cuebas Watkins, Lecturer, Chemistry

Julien Suaudeau, Lecturer, French and Francophone Studies


New Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Kelly Barnes, Lecturer and Head Lacrosse Coach, Athletics and Physical Education

Victor Brady, Lecturer and Head Field Hockey Coach, Athletics and Physical Education

Paul Stinson, Instructor and Head Soccer Coach, Athletics and Physical Education


New Postdoctoral Fellows – AY 2016-2017

Bradley Miller, Bucher-Jackson Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Sciences, Chemistry

Assef Ashraf, Consortium for Faculty Diversity Postdoctoral Fellow, History and Middle Eastern Studies