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Committee on Appointments

The Committee on Appointments is charged with making recommendations to the President, on behalf of the Faculty, with regard to the initial appointments, promotion and reappointment of all ranked Faculty and on the appointment and review of Continuing Non-Tenure-Track Faculty, as well as reviewing cause for removal of tenured Faculty in accordance with Article III, Section 9 of the Plan of Governance

The Committee also provides procedures for appointments, re-appointments, and promotions.  The Faculty Handbook sets forth the procedures for the initial appointment, reappointment and promotion of continuing members of the faculty.

The 2013-2014 members of the Committee on Appointments are:

  • Ignacio Gallup-Diaz (History) (2011-15)
  • Marissa Golden (Political Science) (2010-14)
  • Steven Levine (History of Art) (2010-14) (Chair)
  • Lisa Traynor (Mathematics) (2011-15)
  • Robert Washington (Sociology) (2012-16)
  • Susan White (Chemistry) (2013-17)

Former Chairs of the Committee on Appointments are:

  • Bill Malachowski (Chemistry) (2012-13)
  • Elizabeth Allen (Russian (2011-12)
  • Marc Schulz (Psychology) (2010-11)
  • Robert Dostal (Philosophy) (2009-10)
  • Sharon J. Nieter Burgmayer (Chemistry) (2008-09)
  • Imke Meyer (German) (2007-08)
  • Toba Kerson (Social Work and Social Research) (2006-07)
  • Mary Osirim (Sociology) (2005-06)


2013-2014 Semester I List of Review Cases

Reappointment with Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor

Annette Baertschi (Greek, Latin and Classical Studies)

Gregory Davis (Biology)
Hoang Tan Nguyen (English and Film Studies)

2013-2014 Semester II List of Review Cases

Promotion to Professor

Tamara Davis (Biology)
Carol Hager (Political Science)

Reappointment with Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor

Astrid Lindenlauf (Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology)


Initial Reappointment

Selby Cull (Geology)
Jennifer Harford Vargas (English)

Continuing Non-Tenure Track Reappoinment

Jeffrey Cohen (Growth and Structure of Cities)
Krynn Lukacs (Chemistry)

Non-Tenure Track Reappoinment

Jason Hewitt (Athletics and Physical Education)


If you wish to write a letter concerning any of the persons under review during Semester I, please send your letter to any member of the committee or to Linda Butler Livesay, c/o the Office of the Provost by October 31, 2013; and for any persons under review during Semester II, send your letter by February 14, 2014.