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Mary J. Osirim, Provost and Professor of Sociology
Office:  Taylor 103
Telephone:  610-526-5167

The Provost is the College's chief academic officer.  She is a member of the President's Cabinet and reports to the President. 

All academic departments and programs report to the Provost, as do the Office of Sponsored Research and Athletics and Physical Education.  Working with the President, the Committee on Appointments, and--as appropriate--the Deans of the College, the Provost is responsible for the hiring of new faculty members and the review, reappointment and promotion of faculty members.  The Provost convenes the Council on Institutional Priorities (CIP), which has appointed representatives from the student bodies, faculty, administration and staff. 

Betsy Cancelliere, Executive Assistant to the Provost
Office:  Taylor 103
Telephone:  610-526-5055 (direct)

The Executive Assistant to the Provost maintains Provost’s Calendar and operations of Provost’s Office.  She supports all personnel matters handled by the Provost’s Office.  She coordinates External and Bi-Co Program Reviews. She also supports the Chair of the Faculty as needed.

Academic and Faculty Affairs

Elizabeth McCormack, Associate Provost and Professor of Physics
Office:  Taylor 208
Telephone: 610-526-7502 (direct)

The Associate Provost assists the Provost with curriculum and program assessment, faculty support, external departmental reviews, and the Middle States Periodic Review Report. She works with the Committee on the Undergraduate Curriculum to support the implementation and ongoing development of the curriculum. She works with the Coordinator of Academic Technology Initiatives, members of Information Services, and the Committee on Libraries, Information and Computing (CLIC) to support the use of technology to enhance student learning.

Erin Walsh, Assistant Provost for Administration
Office:  Taylor 101
Telephone: 610-526-5164 (direct)

The Assistant Provost assists the Provost in administration of the academic division, including budget administration for academic division. This role supports academic departments and programs in the hiring of interim faculty and post-doctoral fellows and manages appointment processes for exchange faculty, and other affiliates with faculty status.  The Assistant Provost for Administration also oversees and supports the work of the department Academic Administrative Assistants and the Provost Office staff.

Sabree Barnes, Faculty Affairs Associate
Office:  Taylor 104
Telephone: 610-526-5215 (direct)


She administers the Professioanl Leaves for Faculty program and the Faculty Travel Pool. She also manages the appointment processes for Research Associates, coordinates faculty support activities, maintains the Faculty Curricula Vitae (CVs), the Faculty Expertise Database.

Linda Butler Livesay, Faculty Appointments Coordinator
Office:  Taylor 104
Telephone: 610-526-5169 (direct)

The Faculty Appointments Coordinator supports the Committee on Appointments and manages the appointment and review processes of tenure-track, tenured, and continuing non-tenure track faculty and is responsible for coordinating for college-wide faculty searches. She also supports the Committee on Academic Priorities (CAP) and coordinates the processes for new continuing faculty position proposals.

Jennifer Spohrer, Coordinator for Academic Technology Initiatives

Office: Taylor 301
Telephone: 610-526-7636 (direct)

The Coordinator for Academic Technology Initiatives assists the Provost and the faculty with researching and implementing educational and research technologies. She works closely with the Research Support and Educational Technology group in Information Services.

Sarah Theobald, Academic Program Administrator

Office:  Taylor 302
Telephone: 610-526-5509 (direct)

The Academic Program Administrator coordinates the College's 360 Program, assists faculty in preparing new course proposals, cluster proposals, and budgets, and works with the 360 Steering Committee and Curriculum Committee.  She also coordinates the College's Science Posse program, including the pre-collegiate intensive experiences, and supports other innovative academic initiatives.

Research and Grants

Nona Smith, Director of Sponsored Research
Office:  Taylor 109
Telephone: 610-526-5298 (direct)


The Director of Sponsored Research oversees the operations of the Office of Sponsored Research and is the authorized signer for all external grant applications requiring institutional authorization.  She supports faculty on both pre-award and post-award sides.  She sets-up and manages start-up funds and all internal research accounts.  She manages internal grants awarded by the Committee on Faculty Awards and Grants.

Billie Jo Ember, Grants Associate
Office:  Taylor 302
Telephone: 610-526-7504 (direct)


The Sponsored Programs Associate supports the work of the Director of Office of Sponsored Research and the Director of Institutional Grants. She assists faculty and staff in targeting sources of external funding, in proposal development and submission, s/he gathers information on grant funded activities and writes reports to institutional funders and s/he participates in grants compliance activities.

Madge Rothenberg, Director of Institutional Grants
Office:  Taylor 213A
Telephone: 601-525-5126 (direct)

The Director of Institutional Grants develops strategies for the identification, cultivation and solicitation of grants from foundations, government agencies and other organizations to support institutional priorities of the College. This position coordinates the production of major proposals, including the development of ideas in conjunction with key administrators and faculty members, writing and editing proposal text, and development of proposal budgets. The Director of Institutional Grants also is responsible for the submission of reports on grant-funded programs.

Sharon Bain, Associate Director of Institutional Grants
Office: Taylor 210
Telephone: 610-526-7388 (direct)

The Associate Director of Institutional Grants supports the work of the Director of Institutional Grants through the monitoring grant budgets, researching potential donor prospects, and developing and writing proposals and reports.

Institutional Research

Richard Barry, Director of Institutional Research
Office: Taylor 214
Telephone: 610-526-6532

The Director of Institutional Research is responsible for collecting, analyzing, evaluating, warehousing, and reporting official data about the institution.  A major portion of his responsibility is the assessment of student learning and institutional effectiveness to inform decisions made by College policymakers.  He also provides information about the campus to the general public through a variety of external surveys, including U.S. News & World Report and Princeton Review.  In addition, all governmental reporting of student, faculty, and staff data is handled through the Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment. The Director is also responsible for all college-wide surveys on student, faculty, and staff experience with Bryn Mawr.  These surveys include CIRP, NSSE, and a variety of COFHE sponsored surveys.  He also supports faculty assessment projects and is the Principal Investigator for the Tri-Co Teagle Project. For more information on the Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment, see our webpage

Lindsey Dever, Assistant Director of Institutional Research
Office: Taylor 214
Telephone: 610-526-6599

The Assistant Director assists the Director of Institutional Research is responsible for the public dissemination of college information through the maintenance of the College Factbook ( and the reporting of the Common Data Set ( The Assistant Director also assists on various evaluation, assessment, and reporting projects for the institution.