Faculty Research Support

The College has two funds to support faculty research, the Faculty Research Pool and the College Research Grants.

The Faculty Research Pool is for the remuneration of minor expenses related to research and publication. Up to $500 per year is available to tenured, tenure-track and continuing (CNTT) faculty.  Professors holding named chairs may have other research funds and are not eligible to apply. 

College Awards and Grants provide support for larger research projects.   These grants are competitive and faculty members must apply.   The maximum request is $5,000.  The Committee on Faculty Awards and Grants reviews applications and makes recommendations to the Provost, who makes the final decisions.

You are able to view your Start-up Funds, Research Funds, and External Grants in BIONIC.  Starting balances, posted transctions, and ending balances are available in a menu item called BMC Financial Reports, in a tools called "Faculty Research and Start-up Funds" and "External Grants."

To use the "Faculty Research and Start-up Funds" and "External Grants" tools, you need to know your 5-digit Project number(s).  Instructions for viewing the funds are available on the Administrative Information Systems website.