Professional Leaves for Faculty


The College's program of professional leaves for continuing members of the faculty reflects a strong institutional commitment to faculty scholarship and to the relationship between research and teaching.

The College considers professional leaves to be precious time dedicated to a faculty member’s professional growth and enhancement of his/her teaching effectiveness.  When these goals are realized, our academic programs are stronger and our students benefit. The Faculty Handbook outlines the different leave types and various aspects of professional leaves for faculty including:

  • Eligibility and determining years of service
  • Requirement to seek outside funding for salary support
  • Application/deferral procedures
  • Postponement procedures
  • Special circumstanes
  • Leave report

Sabbatical and Professional Development Leave Application

Faculty eligible for a leave in an upcoming academic year are notified at the beginning of the Spring semester a year prior to their eligible leave. 

A complete application includes the Leave Application, Leave Proposal, and a Letter from the Chair of the Department.  Once notified, applications are due to the Provost's Office on May 31st.

After submission, applications are reviewed by the Provost.  If approved, the Provost forwards her approval to the President and the Board of Trustees for a vote at the February Board meeting.

Once approved, copies of all funding applications and correspondance with funders must be on file in the Provost Office. 

Guidelines for Chair's Letter as part of Application

Part of the leave application is a letter from the Chair of the department.  The letter must discuss:

  • Implications of the proposed leave to the department in terms of staffing and curriculum,
  • The research activities of the faculty member and how the leave will advance their research/scholarship, and
  • Recommendation for or concerns regarding the leave.

The application is not complete and cannot be reviewed by the Provost until the letter from the chair is submitted.


Sabbatical and Professional Development Leave Report

Faculty members are required to submit a Report to the Provost about the work accomplished during the leave in relation to the stated objectives and about plans for publication or incorporation of work into instructional duties.

There is no standard template for Leave Reports as the type of research/projects undertaken in a professional leave varies between Faculty members.  The following list of questions reflect the types of information typically included in a leave report:

  • What was your leave project or what did you research?
  • What is the outcome/status of your leave research/project?  Have you finished a
    manuscript? Started new research?
  • What are the next steps for what you started on leave or if you finished a project, what is next?
  • How has your college supported leave advanced your research/scholarship?
  • What funding did you receive or where did you apply to?
  • Optional: Some faculty attach supplementary information about their research/writing when applicable such as materials if they were creating a new course or creating an online resource.

Policy for Research Support from Outside Sources

This Policy applies to all full-time or part-time faculty whose appointment at Bryn Mawr constitutes their primary employment.