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The Faculty Travel Pool is a Bryn Mawr College program that supports the scholarly development of faculty members on continuing appointment in tenure track, tenured, and Continuing Non-Tenure Track (CNTT) positions and on continuing appointment in the Athletics and Physical Education department.

Travel reimbursed by the Faculty Travel Pool is considered to be official College business travel. All official College travel must comply with the College’s Travel Expense Policy.

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Travel Activities eligible for the Faculty Travel Pool

An eligible faculty member may apply for support for multiple eligible trips within one fiscal year (June 1 – May 31), as long as the total amount requested remains within the faculty member’s fiscal-year allocation of $1,900.

Support is limited to those who deliver papers, present at a poster session, chair a session, provide invited comments at a conference and/or sit on the boards of professional associations.   Faculty Travel Pool cannot be used for students or guest travel.

Tenure-track (i.e. pre-tenure) faculty may also seek for reimbursement for expenses incurred at one meeting in which they do not appear on the program as a panelist or contributor.

CNTT faculty may use the Faculty Travel Pool for conferences and workshops that are pedagogically oriented.   

PE Faculty may use the Faculty Travel Pool for professional conferences and/or clinics that enhance the professional development of the individual faculty member as well as the department as a whole. 

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Faculty Travel Expense Help

The faculty travel pool is now a transfer from the Faculty Travel Pool to the eligible faculty member's department. Faculty members should contact their Academic Administrative Assistant for instructions on how to access the Faculty Travel Pool.



Timing and Availability of Financial Support and Reimbursements

An eligible faculty member’s annual allocation is valid for the current fiscal year (June 1 – May 31).   Unspent allocations are not carried forward from one year to the next. 

Requests for expenses incurred in a prior fiscal year will not be reimbursed.  (In this case, a faculty member may, however, choose to deduct these as unreimbursed business expenses on his/ her personal income taxes.)

Faculty members who wish to register for eligible conferences and book associated travel that will occur in the subsequent fiscal year may submit for travel advances and expense reimbursements under the Pre-Paid Expense accounting practice.  Interested faculty members should contact their Academic Administrative Assistant for more information.

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Other Travel Activities

Travel ineligible for Faculty Travel Pool

In some cases, the College will provide support for other kinds of professional activities—for example, travel expenses associated with holding major professional offices or serving on policy-making advisory boards.  Faculty should send written requests for such support to the Provost in advance of the conference.

Grant-supported Travel

Those members of the faculty receiving support through research grants are advised to cover travel expenses for their professional activities from the travel line in their grant budgets before applying for reimbursement from the Faculty Travel Pool.


Travel paid by Faculty Research Funds

Travel reimbursed by Faculty Research Funds is considered to be official College business travel.  All official College travel must comply with the College’s Travel Expense Policy.  

Reimbursements for travel expenses to be paid by a faculty member's Research Fund should be submitted to Nona Smith, Director of Sponsored Research.

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Income Tax Information and Implications

If you have taken a federal income tax deduction for unreimbursed travel expenses in a calendar year and you are subsequently reimbursed by the College for those deducted expenses after you have filed your return, you should be aware of the tax implication of the later reimbursement and adjust your return for your next filing.

The Internal Revenue Service regulations state that a) any expense which is not substantiated by an appropriate itemized receipt (or by an adequate explanation) or b) any expense that is not submitted for reimbursement within 60 days of the completion of the trip or activity for which the expense was incurred must be reported by the College as additional income, i.e. taxable wages.

IRS Topic H11 - Business Travel Expenses .

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Travel Insurance

The College's Insurance Policy provides coverage for faculty or staff members traveling domestically on official college business.

Employees may enroll in the Travel Abroad Insurance Program. 

Coverage is not automatic.  

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Links to College Policies regarding Business Travel

Policy and Procedures on Travel Reimbursement and Travel Advances

Travel Expense Policy

Policy on Use of Vehicles for College Business

Travel Policy on Use of College Rental Van Vehicles

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