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News of the Bryn Mawr Faculty

Journal Article: Professor of Chemistry Michelle Francl

"The Enlightenment of Chemistry" Nature Chemistry, Vol. 7, Issue 10, Pages 761–762, October 2015.

Journal Article: Professor of Chemistry Susan White

"Thermodynamic contributions of specific mutations of L30e protein in the RNA: protein interface region measured by analytical ultracentrifugation and gel shift assay" Protein Science, Vol. 24, Page 93, October 2015 with Bashkim Kokon...

Journal Article: Assistant Professor David Schaffner

"Multifractal And Monofractal Scaling In A Laboratory Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence Experiment" Astrophysics Journal, Vol. 811, Issue 1, September 20, 2015, with M.R. Brown. Both multifractal and monofractal scaling of structure func...

Professor of Theater Mark Lord Particpates in "Cross Pollination" Residency

Professor of Theater Mark Lord is joining with artist and innovative gallery owner Shelly Spector as part of unique residency aimed at allowing creators to question assumptions about their artistic product and process in ways that working with one...