Financial and Tax Matters

    U.S. tax laws distinguish between residents and non-residents for U.S. tax purposes. As an international faculty member, you should be aware of U.S. income tax obligations for income earned.

    Foreign nationals, except for lawful permanent residents and naturalized citizens, who receive income from Bryn Mawr College are required to use Glacier, a web-based, tax compliance system. 

    The College will use the information that international employees enter into the Glacier system to determine tax residency as well as the appropriate tax treatment of income received from the College, including eligibility of tax treaty benefits.

    Federal and State income tax forms are completed annually in the United States and submitted to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue between January 1 and April 15 for the previous tax year. Some countries may have tax treaties with the United States which may exempt you from paying income taxes; however, do note that tax forms must be completed even if a tax treaty exempts you from paying any U.S. taxes. 

    The amount withheld from your paycheck is dependent upon your tax status which is determined by your visa type and your length of stay in the United States.

    Current tax rates can be found on the following websites:

    Federal Tax : Internal Revenue Service

    State Tax :      Pennsylvania Department of Revenue

    Resources for the Tax Season

    The Office of International Programs (OIP), has a tax return preparation software for non-resident taxes to help International Faculty and Students file their taxes.  

    Should you have additional questions regarding taxes, here are some relevant information for International Taxpayers.