Joining the Bryn Mawr community

Here are some pointers that may make this transition smoother for you.

Tri-College International Faculty Group

International Faculty Group (IFG) is an association of self-identified international faculty members and instructional and administrative staff, who have come to the Tri-Co (Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore Colleges) from all over the world.

Customs and Culture

Moving to a new area may be exciting, but along with it comes adjustments to the community and cultures specific to it. Bryn Mawr College has many wonderful traditions that one may find hard to understand.

To learn more about these traditions, please visit the “Traditions” website. You can also acquaint yourself to your fellow colleagues by visiting “News of the Bryn Mawr Faculty” and find out what everyone is up to!


There are various banking institutions around the town of Bryn Mawr; however, Bryn Mawr College does not endorse any specific bank. Located on campus, there is a TD Bank ATM in the basement of the Campus Center.

Before opening a new bank account, consider factors like:

  • Location of branch offices and ATM machines
  • Monthly fees and minimum required balances, etc
  • Operating hours

Telephone services

The College provides each faculty member with an office and a teleephone. In some cases, offices and office equipment such as telephones and computers may be shared.

If you choose to own a cell phone, there are various cellular providers available from which you may purchase a phone plan from. The college does not endorse any cellular service provider.

AT&T Store                                                         Verizon Store

761 W Lancaster Ave                                      195 W Lancaster Ave
Bryn Mawr, PA, 19010                                    Ardmore, PA 19003
(610) 527-3562                                                (610) 645-4175

Campus Safety

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania enacted the College and University Security Act in 1988 (Clery Act) and the U.S. Congress enacted similar legislation in 1990. 

Most recently, the Higher Education Opportunity Act was enacted in 2008. These laws require all institutions of higher education within the Commonwealth to provide students and employees with information pertaining to, but not limited to crime statistics, security measures, fire statistics, fire safety measures, policies relating to missing persons, and penalties for drug use, on an annual basis.

Visit the Bryn Mawr College Public Safety web page for Annual Security Report.