Research at Bryn Mawr

As an international faculty member, you may face challenges seeking funding for your research. Some U.S. funders require applicants to be permanent residents or U.S. citizens and if your research takes you out of the country, please be aware of pertinent visa issues. Here are some suggestions for overcoming some of these obstacles:

Sponsored Research

Some funding agencies limit their funding to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Bryn Mawr College does have an internal research fund for faculty regardless of nationality. These current funds can be found on the “Faculty Awards and Grants” website. (A Faculty Awards and Grants application does not meet the outside funding requirement for leaves and sabbaticals.)

To help international Faculty, the Provost Office compiled a list of funding sources which do does not have nationality or citizenship requirements. This list is sorted according to discipline area. While the list was well researched, it is incumbent upon the applicant to check with the funder to ensure criteria and eligibility requirements have not changed. Recruiting Student Researchers

Undergraduate students seek and many are qualified for research projects. Recruiting student researchers can be challenging for any new faculty. Successful strategies include:

  • Keeping an eye out for promising students with interests similar to your research topic.
  • Use examples of your research in class. Talk about your work and make sure students know what it is about. If they are interested, they may come to you to ask for research positions.
  • Network with colleagues and enquire about students who would be good candidates in your research work.

International students have the same employment constraints as international faculty. Be sure that the student with whom you wish to work is eligible for employment.