Paul Neuman

Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Ph.D., Temple University


Paul Neuman's interests are in behavior analysis. "With the experimental analysis of behavior, behavior is of interest in its own right, and the focus is on the interaction between behavior and the environment (the organism is the locus of the interaction). Other approaches in psychology may use behavioral procedures, but the interest is in what behavior can reveal about some other level of functioning in the organism. This is what the distinction between the science of behavior and the behavioral sciences is all about."

Primary Interests:

Choice patterns that persist despite changes in contingencies, verbal behavior, awareness, intentions.


•  Quantitative models for predicting and describing patterns of choice between fixed and progressive schedules of reinforcement. Persistent patterns of choice

•  Disassociation of operant and Pavlovian discriminations

•  The effects of cocaine on choice

•  Persistent patterns of choice

•  Activity-based anorexia

•  Pigeons' discriminations of their own behavior

•  The functional independence/dependence of mands, tacts, and autoclitics

Any student interested in learning more about Paul Neuman's research is welcome to stop by his laboratory, located in the basement of Bettws-y-Coed.

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