Bryn Mawr Emotion and Family Research Center

The Research Team Marc Schulz, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology
Rachel C. Hale Chair in the Sciences and Mathematics
Chair, Psychology Department
Director, Clinical Developmental Psychology Ph.D. Program

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Current Students 

Mary McManaman graduated from Franklin and Marshall College.  She is interested in emotion understanding and empathy processes, especially in the context of intimate relationships.
Masters Thesis: Embodiment and the understanding of others’ emotions:  The role of experiential avoidance (2012).

Stefanie Poulos Hopkins graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.  In her dissertation she is studying intimacy processes during the transition to parenthood.  

Hannah Rossen is a Bryn Mawr psychology major. In her thesis, she is examining emotion regulatory abilities during challenging couple interactions. 

Jordan Dworkin is a current Haverford Psychology major.  In his thesis, he is examining trajectories of emotion regulatory processes in couple interactions.

Recent Alumnae/i 

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Student Alumnae/i

Amy Paris (2014)  
Disssertation: Work experience, coherence, and well-being: An examination of coherence
Masters Thesis:  Multimethod approaches to studying the effects of interparental conflict history: The history of family resolution styles interview (2005). 

Sarah Scheckter (2013)
Dissertation:  Analyzing Well-being in Late Life: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches.
Masters Thesis:  Regrets in Middle Life:  Typology, Correlates and Consequences (2008).

Amy and Sarah 2014

Amy Paris Ph.D. and Sarah Scheckter Ph.D., 2014

 Joanna Scott (2013)
Dissertation:  Why be mindful?  A profile approach to understanding the role of motivation and in emotion regulation.
Masters Thesis:  Mindfulness and Daily Coping (2008).

Sarah E. Marvin (2011)
Dissertation:  Dyadic Emotion Processes in the Prediction of Intimate Partner Violence.

Heejin Kim (2011)
Dissertation:   The Relationships Among Styles Of Mindfulness Engagement, Components Of Emotion Regulation, And Heart Rate Variability.
Masters Thesis:  The relationship among mindfulness, rumination and hemispheric asymmetries in brain activity (2006). 

Heejin Kim 2011

Heejin Kim, Ph.D. 2011

Lindsey Dever
Masters Thesis: Socioemotional Selectivity Theory:  Time perspective and affective biases (2011).   

Emily Weiss (2008) 
Dissertation:  Dyslexic Hearts:  Links between Couples’ Interpersonal Sensitivity, Emotional Arousal, Situational Intentions and Emotional Expression (2008)
Masters Thesis: Conceptualizing empathy in couples’ conflict discussions: 
Comparing models of perceived empathy and empathic accuracy 

Emily Malcoun (2008)
Dissertation: Unpacking mindfulness: Psychological processes underlying the health benefits of a mindfulness-based stress reduction program (2008)
Masters Thesis: Religiosity and forgiveness processes in couple relationships (2004).

Julia Stein (2007) 
Dissertation: Believe in your heart? Interconnections among partners’ beliefs about the consequences of sharing feelings in marriage and their intentions and expressiveness in marital conflicts

Ginny Zimmerman (2007)
Dissertation: The Physiological Consequences of the Emotional Suppression of Anger: Investigation in both Non-social and Interpersonal Contexts
Masters Thesis:  Emotional suppression and physiological reactivity in couple interactions (2003)

Karen Grundy
Masters Thesis:  Exploring the Cognitive Consequences of Expressive Emotion Suppression: The Relationship between Mindfulness and Memory  (2007).

Jeanne Frantz 
Masters Thesis:  Effects of Interparental Conflict History on Encoding and Reacting to Future Relationship Conflict(2005).

Undergraduate Alumnae/i

Senior Theses:

Maheen Noon (2013).  The role of mindfulness in reactivity and recovery from stress.

Kellie Meyer (2013).  Marital conflict and divorce.

Sarah Buonanno (2013). Aging well together:  A longitudinal study of the protective effect of marriage on mortality.

Adelyn Kisbaugh (2012). Mindfulness and metacognition.

Alessandra Lembo (2012).  Emotion display rules across cultures.

Tiffany Ozluk (2012).  Everyday mindfulness.

Elaine Lavin (2011).  Dyadic emotion regulation in couple interactions

Elizabeth Coleman (2010).  Adult attachment and the use of embodiment during expression recognition.

Genevieve Reich (2010).  Mindfulness, attentional skills, and emotion recognition

Margaret Miller (2008).  Physiological effects of suppression.

Julie Eddy (2007).   An attachment theory perspective on work.

 Odile Schalit (2007).  A study of the implications of adult development for personal work experience.

 Bonnie Balun (2007).   Work and family life.

Tracy Hills (2004).  Positive mood induction and emotion facial recognition.

Greta Tessman (2003).  Attributional and language use patterns of depressed individuals in naturalistic couple interaction.

Jill Furterer (2001). Experiencing and expressing emotion: Suppression of emotion in marital interactions.

Elizabeth Andrew (2001). Emotion suppression:  New methodologies in the study of gender differences in emotion regulation.

Masumi Iida (2000).  Beliefs about emotional expression in close relationships:  A comparison of Japanese and Americans.

Jenifer Snavely (2000).  Gender differences in negative emotional experience and expression.

Gretchen Holthaus (2000).  Gender differences in negative emotional experience in close relationships.

Jen Doubile and Jen Faerber (2000, Haverford Psychology majors; co-director: Doug Davis). Biases in assessing emotional experience in close relationships: The role of parental marital conflict.

Jean McGloin (1999). Men and women: Who is more physiologically reactive in emotional situations?

Lauren Hellew (1999). Psychological and physiological correlates of shifting cognitive and emotional states.