CDPP students are actively engaged in research throughout the program. All CDPP students are required to complete predissertation and dissertation research projects. Faculty members run research groups that meet regularly and provide support and collegiality for ongoing research.

The CDPP runs a weekly Research Brown Bag lunch, held on Wednesdays, for students and faculty. Students present their research at different stages of development. The Research Brown Bag gives students a chance to see what their fellow students are working on, enables them to get feedback about their own research, and gives them an opportunity to make constructive suggestions about the research of others in an informal and collaborative context.

Recent Dissertations


  • Individual differences in frequency and type of gesture production: Relationship to personal characteristics./ Kristin Kopple 2015
  • Compulsive Disorder with Exposure and Response Prevention./ Beth L. Mugno 2015
  • Does theory of mind imply understanding of other mental phenomena? The link between theory of mind and metamemory in old age./ Alyssa Caroline Bressler 2014
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction as a Cognitive Intervention in Older Adults: A Feasibility Study/ Rebecca Ethridge Bubb 2014
  • Reading Achievement in High Stakes Testing: Patterns and Predictability Across Time/ Karen Elizabeth Landman 2014
  • Predicting and Tracking Mathematics Growth Using High-Stakes Test Scores: An Examination of Latent Growth and Latent Class Models/ Thomas Criswell Mack 2014
  • Intention Discrimination and Attribution/ Suzanne Mischell Nangle 2014
  • Work Experience, coherence, and well-being: an examination of coherence and later work measures/ Amy Melissa Paris 2014
  • Analyzing well-being in late life: Quantitative and qualitative approaches/ Sarah Elizabeth Scheckter 2104
  • Why be mindful? A profile approach to understanding the role of motivation in emotion regulation./ Joanna Scott 2013

Young Children’s Perceptions of Morally Relevant Behavior in Adults and Children/Sarah Ashley Teague Duda 2013