Clinical Training

A core component of the CDPP is clinical training. Students complete a graded sequence of courses and practica. Clinical practica are structured, part time, supervised clinical experiences in psychological assessment and/or psychotherapy. Initial practicum placements are generally arranged by the program in consultation with the student and are linked to coursework in assessment and psychotherapy. During the third year of the program, CDPP students work in school settings providing mental health consultation, assessment and therapy to children and adolescents. During the fourth year, students complete a clinical practicum in community, college counseling, medical and other settings. During this year they also receive family therapy training.


Students take courses in individual and family therapy and receive supervision during and after these therapy courses as they continue to train as clinicians. Family therapy training includes live supervision with the use of a one-way mirror at the Child Study Institute Clinic.


A one-year clinical internship is required to complete the CDPP program. Students in the program have completed internships all across the country including the local Philadelphia area.