Current Majors and Graduates

Bryn Mawr Psychology graduates pursue a variety of career paths. A survey of majors spanning graduating classes from 1983-98 yielded information from 113 women. Of this group, 29 reported attending or completing graduate study in psychology or a related field (e.g., cognitive neuroscience); 15 became physicians, and 14 attended law school (one of whom attended a JD/Ph.D. program). In addition, 7 other graduates obtained graduate degrees in other fields (e.g., Communication Disorders, English, French, Sociology, etc.), 7 pursued careers in social work, 12 went on to work in marketing and media, and 12 pursued careers in education or special education. Finally, 4 took positions in pharmaceutical companies, two went into nursing, and the rest pursued a variety of positions such as research assistant, orchestra musician, training coordinator, and benefits administrator.

A more recent survey of 24 majors from the classes of 1998-2000 found 5 were in graduate or post-bac programs, 2 were in law school, 9 worked as research assistants, 3 worked as teachers or clinical assistants, 3 were in business, 2 were in the non-profit service sector, and 1 was staying home with a new baby. Five graduates reported that they were currently applying to graduate programs (3 in clinical/school psychology, 1 in biological anthropology, 1 in special education).

Class of 2014
    Laila Abdul Nabi Lema Andrews-Hirano Jessica Arbon
    Emily Arons Gabriella Arth Amanda Beardall
    Magdalene Bredehoeft Meredith Burger Emma Burke
    Deborah Centeio Michelle Chung Katherine Ciarlante
    Rachel Curran Ashley Davila Maura Dillon
    Katie Duffy Sydney Espinosa Grace Ewing
    Rashonda Fisher Valerie Gartner Ashley Hahn
    Xiaoyang Han Jacqueline Handy Kyran Kolar
    Saachi Malhotra Karen Manzone Jelyn Masa
    Emily Mobus Mercedes Munn Subin Park
    Prianna Pathak Rebecca Payne-Passmore Victoria Peltonen
    Jadil Rodriguez Cristhel Santillan Sade Stevens
    Bailey Stevenson Andrea Taddiken Sara Tanner
    Yecica Urena Sofia-Balla Vitale-Gill Faith Westdorp
    Zhengxiao Yu Susu Zhang  

Class of 2015

Emily Arons Sanya Aurora  
Grace Baelen-King  Bailey Cavanaugh Marta Chmielowicz
Jaime Collins Chrystyna Colon Holly Constants
Alexis DeLaRosa Grace Dewey Kathryn Diamant
Ashley Dimond Ashton Dwyer Mikah Farbo
Anna Feldberg Sarah Friesen-Johnson Makala Forster
Kamilla Ganihova Amy Giarrantana Z. Gibbons
  Anu Goedhart Sheena Gopal
Annie Grunwell Julia Hill Stacy Horesh
Josephine Hsu Phoebe Jordan Anna Kalinsky
Anna Kaltwasser Chantille Kennedy Emily Kluver
Xiangxuan Kong Minkyung Kwon  
Rachel Lazarus Giang Le Michelle Lee
Grace Leong Lisa Lin  
Lauren Malamed Tabitha Manolatos Lauren Melvin
Linda Moua Sofia Oleas Hannah Rossen
C. Scott Eva Sharma Jessica Shum
Kimberly Stuart Shannon Stussy Sara Tanner
Taryn Traughber Wangcheng Tong Catherine Wagner
Bonnie Wei Kristina Xiang Xiaomeng Xia
Kristina Xiang Alyssa Young Yige Zhu