Current Majors and Graduates

Bryn Mawr Psychology graduates pursue a variety of career paths. A survey of majors spanning graduating classes from 1983-98 yielded information from 113 women. Of this group, 29 reported attending or completing graduate study in psychology or a related field (e.g., cognitive neuroscience); 15 became physicians, and 14 attended law school (one of whom attended a JD/Ph.D. program). In addition, 7 other graduates obtained graduate degrees in other fields (e.g., Communication Disorders, English, French, Sociology, etc.), 7 pursued careers in social work, 12 went on to work in marketing and media, and 12 pursued careers in education or special education. Finally, 4 took positions in pharmaceutical companies, two went into nursing, and the rest pursued a variety of positions such as research assistant, orchestra musician, training coordinator, and benefits administrator.

A more recent survey of 24 majors from the classes of 1998-2000 found 5 were in graduate or post-bac programs, 2 were in law school, 9 worked as research assistants, 3 worked as teachers or clinical assistants, 3 were in business, 2 were in the non-profit service sector, and 1 was staying home with a new baby. Five graduates reported that they were currently applying to graduate programs (3 in clinical/school psychology, 1 in biological anthropology, 1 in special education).

Class of 2017
Sanya Aurora Evelyn Aviles Sarah Awad
Blair Broad Priyanka Dutta Isabelle Frosch
Kanai Gandhi Ethel Gay Siobhan Glynn
Austen Hamilton Yu-Ting Huang  
Maira Karan Samantha Kolavitch Emma Levin
Yan Liang Ashley Macina Maeve Malloy
Amber Maser Jennifer Mendez Janet Monroe
Juliana Montinolla Marea Newell Jee Park
Kate Pellegrini Samantha Plate Sidra Siddiqui
Meredith Sisson Hope Walsh Yuewei Wang

Tessa Warinner

Deanna Zaro

Jieni Zhou

Class of 2018

Allison Adams Isobel Blanchard Nermeen Chaudhry
Jamie DiDomenico Michelle Fleuriot Courtney Given
Jiayue Gu Sarah Kaplan Lauren Lane
Caitrin McPherson Ahsleigh Muratore Yasmine Nahim
Anita Ntem Jennifer Orr Meghna Patny
Swati Shastry Julia Shreiber Amala Someshwar
Claire Walsh Yuewei Wang Emily Ward
Julia Whittle Jingrong Yang Han Yu
Xiaoran Yuan