Worlds of Childhood

Robert H. Wozniak, Bryn Mawr College (Editor and Co-Host)

Worlds of Childhood: A Television Series

A series of twenty-four one-half hour television programs designed to be used as a telecourse or an audio-visual supplement. Worlds of Childhood, is based on the primetime public television series Childhood, supplemented by studio and on-location interviews, and is a project of DLGHS, Inc. and Contemporary Learning Systems of East Lansing, Inc., in association with GPN, a service agency of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Primary funding was provided by HarperCollins College Publishers. The series is distributed by the PBS Adult Learning Service (Alexandria, VA) and the Great Plains Network (Lincoln, NE).

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Worlds of Childhood: A Reader/Study Guide

Wozniak, R. H. (Ed.), (1992). Worlds of childhood. New York: HarperCollins (currently distributed by Addison-Wesley).

A comprehensive exploration of key concepts in child development designed to be used as a stand alone reader or in connection with the Worlds of Childhood telecourse. The reader contains 52 articles describing both classic and contemporary research. Sections of the reader focus on topics such as: The study guide, authored by Mary T. Rourke, is designed to help students synthesize the course's print and video materials.

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