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Betsy Horner
Director, Q Project
Dawn Joyner
Assistant Director, Q Center Canwyll House West

Scope of the Q Project

The Q Project was developed in concert with the Bryn Mawr faculty to develop and reinforce the increasingly complex quantitative reasoning skills that are required of Bryn Mawr graduates.

The Q Project guides the Q Center, Q Mentors, Q Assessment, and the Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning course (Qsem).


Q MENTORS.  Q Mentors are dedicated, passionate, and compassionate students whose interests span many disciplines.  Q Mentors are trained to help students improve their problem-solving strategies, hone their quantitative reasoning skills, and allay their math anxieties.  Q Mentors host Q Center drop-in study sessions in which students may explore concepts from their coursework. 

Q Mentors participate in ongoing training throughout the year to improve their interpersonal, coaching, and quantitative skills. Q Mentors are selected in accordance with their commitment to transforming quantitative study, and the recommendation of the faculty.


Q CENTER.  The Q Center supports students who are doing quantitative work in introductory courses across the Social Science and Science disciplines.   The Q Center is a collaborative study space that provides a welcoming location for individual work, study groups, and collaboration with Q Mentors. 

The Q Center is housed in Canwyll House West, behind the Campus Center.  The Q Center includes several study rooms that are outfitted with huge white boards, comfortable chairs, and moveable tables.  These study rooms provide an inviting work space for groups of 4 to 6 students.