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Betsy Horner
Director, Q Project
Dawn Joyner
Assistant Director, Q Center Canwyll House West

Q Assessment

Q test

The Q test (Quantitative Assessment) is used to determine the Quantitative Readiness of students entering Bryn Mawr who do not submit mSAT or mACT scores that meet the benchmark for their incoming class.   The Q test is offered on the Thursday of Customs Week.  A student who does not reach the benchmark for Quantitative Readiness on the Q test will be enrolled in Qsem by the Registrar.The results are available to each student and advisor before the Fall advising period begins. 


Individual Consultation

A student who is uneasy about quantitative assignments, or who is having difficulty with quantitative work, is encouraged to make an appointment with the Q Project director to assess the student's needs and the resources available for Q support. A working plan may be formed in concert with a community including, but not limited to, the student's professor, faculty advisor, dean, and mentors.