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Betsy Horner
Director, Q Project
Dawn Joyner
Assistant Director, Q Center Canwyll House West

Frequently Asked Questions

*Where is the Q Center?

The Q Center is located in Canwyll House West, behind the Campus Center.  When you exit the Campus Center via the doors by the Post Office, the Q Center will be the closest building to you, across the driveway.

*Is a Q mentor equivalent to a tutor?

Like tutors, Q mentors are friendly, talented, and carefully trained.  However, unlike tutors, who work with students one-on-one, Q mentors facilitate problem-solving sessions with small groups of students.  Q mentors are shared among all the students who are studying in the Q Center.

*Can I sign up for a session with a Q mentor?

You are welcome to study in the Q Center with Q mentors whenever they are hosting study sessions. You never need an appointment.

*Can I study in the Q Center when the Q mentors are not on duty?

Yes, you are welcome to study in the Q Center any time between 8am - 5 pm, and 6pm - 9pm weekdays.  It is a quiet space, which is conducive to focused work and reflection.