Q Center & Q Mentors

Q mentors are a dynamic team of exceptional students who would love to think about quantitative problems with you!

Q mentors Spring 2016 schedule at the Q center with majors (and minors):

  noon-2pm 2pm-4pm 4pm-7pm 7pm-9pm




Azalia history (bio)

Mehendi math


Leila math

Cara cities

6-7 pm:

Daniela int'l studies

Carol physics

Rebecca  math & physics (comp sci)

Carol physics


Manroocha math

Stephanie     comp sci (statistics)

Jessi sociology

Stephanie comp sci (statistics)

Carol physics

6-7 pm:

Carol physics

Stephanie comp sci (statistics)

Rebecca  math & physics (comp sci)

Massendie math



Matison int'l studies (Middle Eastern & Arabic)


Leila math

Mehendi math

Leila math

Jessi sociology

6-7 pm:

Zoe English

Stephanie   comp sci (statistics)




Manroocha math

Carol physics

Caroline history & int'l studies


Leila math

Massendie math

6-7 pm

Zoe English

Claudia  sociology (math)

Rebecca math & physics



Claudia sociology (math)

Daniela int'l studies

Matison int'l studies (Middle Eastern & Arabic)

Zoe English

Manroocha math


Q mentors and their areas of interest

Rebecca Thayil  '16     majors: Physics & Math

Headshot Rebecca Thayil

Q courses completed: Advanced Theoretical Physics, Intro to Quantum Mechanics, Intro to Artificial Intelligence, Math Methods, Intro to Financial Mathematics, Electromagnetism, Classical Mechanics, Intro to Economics, Intro to Data Structures, Modeling the Physical World, Intro to Computing, Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra

Carol Bowe  '17       major: Physics

Headshot Carol Bowe

Q courses completed: Calculus I, Calculus II, Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, Intro to Quantum Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Classical Mechanics, Advanced Classical Mechanics, Modeling the Physical World, Math Method.


Zoe Allen '17    major: English

Headshot Zoe Allen

Q courses completed: Qsem, Intro to Probability and Statistics


Leila Lei  '17     major: Math 

Headshot Leila Lei

Q courses completed: Real Analysis I, Real Analysis II, Multivariable Calculus, Intro to Economics, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Elementary Number Theory, Topics in Mathematics


Caroline Randive  '17    majors: History & International Studies

Headshot Caroline Randive

Q courses completed: Qsem, Intro to Probablility and Statistics, Calculus I, General Chemistry


Jessi Bass '17       major: Sociology

Headshot of Jessi Bass

Q courses completed: Qsem, Calculus I, General Chemistry I, General Chemistry II, Research Design and Statistical Analysis


Stephanie Cao '18            major: Computer Science (statistics)

Headshot Stephanie Cao

Q courses completed: Intro to Economics, Calculus I, Intro to Computing, Calculus II, Economics of Globalization


Matison Hearn-Desautels '18         major: International Studies (Middle Eastern & Arabic concentration)

Headshot Matison Hearn-Desautels

Q-Courses completed: Qsem


Azalia Sprecher '18     major: History (biology)

Headshot Nolan Julien

Q-courses completed: Quantitative Problems in Geoscience, Fundamentals of Mathematics


Cara Maisel '18                  major: Cities!!!

Headshot Cara Maisel

Q-courses completed: Qsem, Money and Banking, Intro to Economics, Quantitative Problems in Geoscience


Massendie Diaby '18                  major: math

Manroocha Singh '18                 major: math

Darby Andre '18

Claudia Ruiz '18                         major: math

Daniela Lopez Lopez '19           future major: int'l studies

Mehendi Siraj '19                      future major: math




Q mentors emerita:

Miranda  Smith '16 (McBride)     major : Sociology

Headshot Miranda Smith

Q courses completed: Research Design and Statistical Analysis (sociology)

Marea Newell '17        major: Psychology (dance)

Headshot Marea Newell

Q courses completed: Linear Algebra, Experimental Methods and Statistics (psych), Multivariable Calculus, Calculus II, Calculus I

Yiling Bai  '17            majors:   Math & Economics

Headshot Yiling Bai

Q courses completed: Calculus II, Intro to Economics, Statistical Methods of Economics, Linear Algebra, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Multivariable Calculus, Abstract Algebra I, Intermediate Microeconomics, Topics in Mathematics, Abstract Algebra II

Renee Li '17                major: Computer Science

Headshot Renee Li

Q courses completed: Intro to Data Structures, Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics I, Theory of Computation


Jaycherie Little '18         major:

Headshot Jaycherie Little

Q courses completed:  Qsem


Michelle Fleuriot '18        major: Psychology

Headshot Michelle Fleuriot

Q-courses completed: Fundamentals of Mathematics for Science

Nolan Julien '18       majors: Sociology & English

Q-courses completed: Quantitative Problems in Geoscience, Fundamentals of Mathematics for Science


Fatoumata Sylla '18                  major:

Headshot Fatoumata Sylla

Q-courses completed: Fundamentals of Mathematics for Science


Barbara '16  major: Sociology

Dani Weismann  '15          major:  Mathematics                minor:  Anthropology


Dawn Joyner  '15 (McBride)     major :  Sociology


Kelechi Njoku  '15       major:  Mathematics    minor: Chinese


Maggie Xiong  '15    major: Computer Science


Nancy Toure  '15 major:  Geology


Christine Newville  '15    major:  Geology


Xue Jin  '15                major:  Cities


Amanda Guadalupe '15  major: East Asian Studies

Angela Rosenberg  '15      major:  English     minor: Spanish


Tabitha Manolatos  '15    major:  Psychology  minor: Classical Studies


Siqi Zhang  '15            majors:  Economics & Mathematics


Mari Toro  '14          major:  Mathematics    minor: Physics


Mitali Panchani  '15    major: Anthropology  minor:  Biology

Jillian Perry  '15            major:  Mathematics


Asha Habib  '13      major: Mathematics


Bingqing Li  '14     majors: Physics and Chemistry


Ellen Li  '15               majors:  Economics and Political Science


Mel Schaeffer '12  major:  Computer Science

Samantha Lopez '14       major:  Mathematics

Xinyuan Dong  '15    major: Mathematics     minor: Economics