Qsem (aka QUAN 001 'Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning') is a full-semester, 1.0-credit course that can be used to fulfill the Quantitative Readiness requirement at Bryn Mawr.  The course is designed to prepare students to succeed in entry level quantitative courses in the Social Sciences and Sciences. 

The course addresses a variety of basic topics in Mathematics and Statistics with an emphasis on applications.  By directive of the Bryn Mawr faculty, the topics include, but are not limited to: computation, basic probability, central tendency, tables & graphs, basic algebra, magnitude & scale, and the interpretation of word problems.

Qsem is taught in a collaborative, small seminar format, with a maximum enrollment of 6 students per section.  Sections may proceed at slightly different paces during the semester, depending upon the unique needs of the students enrolled in each section.