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Using the Advisor Center in BIONIC

What is the Advisor Center?

The Advisor Center is part of the Faculty Center, a Self-Service area in BIONIC, where you can see information about your advisees including current and past schedules, grades, test scores and transfer credits.

How to access the Advisor Center?

From your Faculty Center (Self Service > Faculty Center) click on the second tab (Advisor Center)

Sections of the Advisor Center:

My Advisees

My Advisees shows all the students who are listed as your advisees (both the pilot faculty advisor program and major advisees).   The list provides the students ID number, name, and a link to viewing student details.  View student details switches your view to the student's student center

The button on the bottom of this section allows you to view information for students who are not your advisees. View Data for Other Students

Student Center

In the Student Center you can see your advisees:

  • Current Class Schedule
  • Advisers (including their Dean)
  • Contact Information
  • Academic Requirements Report
  • Course History
  • Unofficial Transcript

At the top of the Student Center under the student's name, you have the option to change advisees and select a new advisee from the drop down.


Transfer Credit

If your advisee has transfer credit, the information will appear on the transfer credit tab.  This includes Test Credits which transfer for credit like the AP tests, IB tests and A-Levels.  Information about that Test Scores transfer are available at the Registrar's Website.

Note:  We do not post the details about the individual transfer credits. All courses transfered are listed as "Transfer" and are assign the number of units transfered.  For example, if a student takes two courses in the Summer the transfer information will read 2.0 units and both courses will be lumped together.