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Grading Scales

The following are the grading scales used at Bryn Mawr College:

Undergraduate Grades

Bryn Mawr grades on a 4.0 scale.  A Student's performance in academic work is expressed by the following grades.

Merit Grades

4.0 A Excellent
3.7 A- Excellent –
3.3 B+ Very Good
3.0 B Good
2.7 B- Good -
2.3 C+ Above Average
2.0 C Average

Below Merit Grades

Students must earn a 1.0 or higher in a course to receive credit.  Students must earn a 2.0 or higher (grade above merit) to count towards college requirements and major requirements.

Faculty: Please be prepared to submit the following information to the Dean’s Office for students earning below merit grades:
  • attendance and participation
  • quality of written work
  • failure to turn in work
  • performance on exams
  • communication with you (or lack thereof) during the semester.
1.7 C- Below Average
1.3 D+ Poor +
1.0 D Poor
0.0 F Failure

Non- Numeric Grades

One of the following abbreviations may be assigned in lieu of a grade.  Courses with these grades are not included in the GPA.

I Incomplete, agreed with the student and must be approved by the Instructor and the Dean.
AUD Audit  - for non-degree students who are not participating in the course work.
CIP Course in Progress – for year-long courses, especially thesis, where the spring grade will be assigned for both terms.
CR/ NC Credit/ No Credit- assigned for Credit/No Credit courses only.  Students who have requested Credit/No Credit grading should be given a numeric grade.

PE Grades

The Physical Education courses and their grades do not appear on the transcript.  The grade assigned to the PE course represents the number of PE credits earned for the course. 

1 1 Credit Earned
2 2 Credits Earned
3 3 Credits Earned
NCR No Credit
P Passed/ Participated (Used for Swim Test and Varsity Sports)
I Incomplete

Historic and Administratively Assigned Grades

NGR No Grade Reported
INC Permanent Incomplete
UI Unauthorized Incomplete
WD Withdrawal
S Satisfactory
U Unsatisfactory
DR (Haverford College course) Drop without authorization. 
Evaluated as a failure.
UI Unauthorized Incomplete
X Following Grade.  Credit not given but grade is included in GPA
Y Following grade.  Credit is given but grade not included in GPA

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Graduate Grades

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading

S Satisfactory  - Work is of sufficient quality for graduate level credit- minimum of 3.0 equivalent.
U Unsatisfactory  - Work is not of sufficient quality – less than 3.0 equivalent.

Other Grades

I Incomplete  - Additional work required to complete the course
AUD Audit  - for Auditors only.
CE Continuing Enrollment – Assigned to students in 800-level Continuing Enrollment courses.

Historic and Administratively Assigned Grades

CP Completed course
CR Credit
INC Permanent Incomplete
MS Marginally Satisfactory
NC No Credit
NGR No Grade Reported
SAT Satisfactory - MSLP Special Project
TI Temporary Incomplete
WD Withdrew
WV Course Waived

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