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Viewing Course Rosters Using BIONIC

Please contact the Registrar's Office, if you need assistance with viewing your Roster.

1.  Log on to BIONIC.
Follow a BIONIC link or go to  Type in your User ID and your Bryn Mawr College password. 

2.  Navigate to your Faculty Center
From the main menu, under Self-Service click on Faculty Center.  
Faculty Center


3.  Select your Class Roster.

Under "My Schedule" in "My Teaching Schedule" From the table of your courses, select the class you want to view the roster of and click on the course roster icon.

roster link in the faculty center

4.  View Roster and Student Photos
Each enrolled students will be listed in your roster.  Your class roster reflects realtime Bryn Mawr & Haverford student add and drops.  Swarthmore students are registered once they turn in their registration forms.  Following information about each student is available: Student ID, Name, Major, Class Year, and Dean. 

Enrollment Status:  View Enrolled/Dropped/Waitlisted Students.
There is a dropdown option for Enrolled and Dropped students.  You can change the dropdown option to "dropped" or "waitlisted" (if you have a waitlist) to see which students have dropped your course or are waitlisted.  By default, your view is set to "enrolled."

Select Display Option: Include photos in list will display the One Card photo of your students.  You can also click the photo icon next to their icon

roster view options

5.  Log Out
After you have viewed your course rosters, remember to log out of the system to protect your privacy when you are finished.  Click “Sign out” on the blue menu bar in the upper right hand corner.