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Registering for Penn Classes


Undergraduates ~ Fall 2015

Students may request Penn courses for Fall 2015 during Pre-Registration in April and again at the start of the Fall term. Please see the four steps outlined below for registration instructions and rules.


Note: Students need to follow all the procedures defined in the University of Pennsylvania's Quaker Consortium Student Guide.


First, you must register for the placeholder PENN 999 course in BIONIC to show your intent.  Your course request data will not be sent to Penn unless a placeholder course is visible in your schedule.

  • Course number 1009 for the first course.

  • Course number 1010 for the second course (if applicable).


Second, submit a completed Quaker Consortium Registration Form for approval.  This is in lieu of the paper form mentioned in the Student Guide above. 

  • View the LPS Course Guide here or view the Language Center offerings or view College of Arts & Sciences departmental pages for their course offerings. 
  • View the Penn LPS Fall 2015 Academic Calendar here.
  • Students cannot audit courses.
  • In accordance with the Quaker Consortium Agreement, Bryn Mawr students are allowed to enroll in undergraduate courses offered by the College of Liberal and Professional Studies, the Language Center, or the College of Arts and Sciences.  Other courses may be considered based on Bryn Mawr policy.
  • Bryn Mawr students do not have priority in Penn classes.  A seat in a Penn class is never guaranteed and students should have a back up Tri-Co course in mind when planning their schedules.
  • Penn will begin processing registration requests starting August 1st. Students will start to receive emails about your course request status starting August 14th.
  • Classes at Penn begin on Wednesday, August 26.
  • The last day to add a Penn course is Friday, September 11. 

    (For language courses, it's September 4.)

  • The last day to drop a Penn course is Friday, September 11.
  • Penn Travel Reimbursement Information


Third, set-up your information in the Penn system after receiving a registration confirmation email from Penn.

  • Obtain a PennCard and PennKey Setup Code at the PennCard Center.
  • Use the PennKey Setup Code to register a PennKey and password at
  • Use your PennKey to verify registration and view classroom location by logging on to Penn InTouch.
  • Be sure to update your email address at
    This step is required for instructors to contact students.


Fourth, go to class! 


Registration questions??? 

Contact Megan Kenny ( in the Registrar's Office!