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Registering for Penn Classes


GSAS students ~ Fall 2015

Please see the steps outlined below for Penn registration instructions and rules.


First, you must register for the placeholder PENN B999 course in BIONIC to show your intent. 

  • Add course number 1007 to your schedule.


Second, submit a completed Graduate Student Quaker Consortium Registration Form after you receive approval from your advisor for the specific course you're interested in.

  • View the Penn School of Arts & Sciences graduate departmental pages for course offerings.
  • Bryn Mawr students do not have priority in Penn classes in accordance with the Quaker Consortium Agreement.  A seat in a Penn class is never guaranteed and students should have a back up Bryn Mawr course in mind when planning their schedules.
  • Students cannot audit courses. 
  • Classes at Penn begin on Wednesday, August 26th.


Third, obtain permission from the Penn instructor to take the class.  Forward this email to:

-Megan Kenny ( in the Registrar's Office

-Maria Dantis ( in the GSAS Dean's Office.

Your course request data cannot be sent to Penn unless the we have a copy of this email.


Fourth, set-up your information in the Penn system after receiving a registration confirmation email.

  • Obtain a PennCard and PennKey Setup Code at the PennCard Center.
  • Use the PennKey Setup Code to register a PennKey and password at
  • Use your PennKey to verify registration and view classroom location by
    logging on to Penn InTouch.
  • Be sure to update your email address at
    This step is required for instructors to contact students.


Fifth, go to class! 


Registration questions??? 

Contact Megan Kenny ( in the Registrar's Office!