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Searching For Classes

The Course Schedule is available in Bionic and on the TriCo and is available at least two weeks prior to the start of registration.  It lists each class being offered, its time, location (available at least 1 week prior to the start of classes), prerequisites, requirement designation, instructor (if available), and its unique class number.

After preregistration, lotteries will be held for any classes that overenrolled.  The class status report is posted on the Registrar's website listing which courses are full, which courses went to lottery, and which have seats remaining.  [This course is not updated continuously throughout the start of the semester.]

Searching for Classes in Bionic

Bionic is the best source of information to search for classes as information elsewhere all originates from Bionic.  Changes to courses happen real-time in Bionic, so if information on websites or the TriCo are different, Bionic is the best source of information.

In Bionic, you can search by department or course attribute.  Course attributes are things like the Approaches to Inquiry or Interdisciplinary Majors, Minors, or Concentrations (like International Studies, Film Studies, or Gender Studies).

For a tutorial on searching in Class Search by course attribute, view this page.



Searching for Classes on the TriCo

Course Schedules are published in the TriCo and on BIONIC approximately two weeks before pre-registration begins for a semester.  The TriCo catalog contains courses for the TriCo: Bryn Mawr, Haverford and Swarthmore.  If information differs between the TriCo and Bionic, the information in Bionic is always more current.


Access the: Tri Co Catalog



Using your Academic Requirements Report

When planning your courses for the semester, review your Requirements report to see what college requirements you still have to complete.  You should aim to complete your college requirements by the end of your sophomore year.