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Adding /Dropping Classes

Shopping Week
Add/Dropping After Confirmation of Registration
Dropping a Quarter Course
Dropping a 5th unit
Withdrawing from a Course
Review your Schedule



During Shopping Week

A students schedule must be finalized by the end of "shopping period".  Students must use BIONIC to add courses, drop courses, and change your registration during Shopping Week.  Instructions can be found on the Registrar's site.

If a student doesn't wish to stay on the waitlist for a course, they should drop the course and any others they no longer plans to attend and replace them with alternatives.  Any courses that remain in your schedule after Confirmation of Registration ends, will be graded unless the student withdrawals from the course with their Dean's approval.

During Shopping week, students should continue to use BIONIC to add and drop themselves from courses to reflect their emerging schedule. Please remember that adding a course online does not guarantee you a seat in the course.  If you would like to add a course during shopping week, professors' must give you permission to add the course.  This may happen a few ways:

  • Attend the course on the first day of class, if the professor tells everyone who is there that they have a seat
  • The professor announces that there will be a second-round lottery after the first day of class, explained by the professor, and a student then appears on the list of people who have been admitted to the class.
  • For courses that have reached their capacity, the professor will give a student a permission number that will allow her to add a course. For complete instructions, see are here.

If you are confused about your status in any particular course, you should attempt to get an answer from the faculty member. You may also consult your Dean about the best way to proceed.

Adding/ Dropping a Course after Confirmation of Registration

Students' schedules should be accurate when they meet with their Dean during Confirmation of Registration, however, there are some unavoidable situations that might require a student to add or drop after the deadline.  Situtation include getting a permission number late, getting admitted from the waitlist, reducing your course load, or simply forgetting to add or drop a class by the deadline.  Any request to Add or Drop after Confirmation of Registration must be approved by the student's Dean.  Students should fill out the "Change in Registration" online form (as of Fall 2014, paper forms will no longer be accepted).  A student's Dean will review the form and either approval, deny, or follow up for additional information.  Forms submitted prior to the end of Confirmation of Registration will not be approved. Students need to adjust their own registration in Bionic.

Dropping a Quarter Course

Students have until the end of the 1st week of the quarter to drop a quarter course.  Quarter courses cannot be considered 5th courses for 5th course drops.  Drops after the first week are considered withdrawals.

Dropping a 5th Class  [Printable Instructions]

Students may also drop a fifth course any time up until the end of the third week of class.  Starting Fall 2013, all 5th course drops will be done in BIONIC.  BIONIC will not allow you to drop below 4 units or swap courses after Confirmation of Registration.  To drop a 5th course, login to BIONIC and your Student Center.  Click on "enroll" in the menu under Academics.   Click "drop" under the enroll tab.  Select the term you wish to drop your course from and select the class you wish to drop.  Select the"drop selected classes" button and then on the confirmation page, click "finish dropping" to drop the class. 

No adds will be permitted after Confirmation of Registration, so only drop the course when you are sure you wish to do so.


Students that drop courses after the appropriate deadline are considered withdrawn from the course and a WD will appear on the student's transcript.  A student may be permitted to withdraw from a course, with the Dean's approval, only when her ability to complete the course is seriously impaired by unforeseen circumstances beyond her control.  A withdrawal requires the consent of both the dean and the course instructor. All withdrawals must be submitted on a paper withdrawal form available at the Dean's Office and completed by the student and the Dean.  For more information about the Withdrawal process, visit the Dean's webpage on withdrawals.


Review Schedule

Students are responsible for reviewing their own schedules in BIONIC prior to the end of the term.  If your registration does not match the courses you are attending (even if the professor knows you are in the class), please see your Dean to add and drop the appropriate classes.  Check that:

  • Your registration shows the right section (including lab section) of a course
  • There are no extra classes (including courses from Swarthmore or Penn) that appear on your schedule
  • That you are not attending a class that isn't on your schedule.

If a course isn't on your schedule that you are attending, your professor cannot submit a grade for you and you cannot receive credit.  If a course is listed that you are no longer attending, even if you only shopped it, be sure to request a drop as soon as possible, so you do not receive a failure (0.0) in the course.  Final reviews of your schedule should take place at least two weeks prior to the end of the semester.