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Using Permission Numbers

What is a permission number?

A permission number is a six digit number which is specific to a class and section that allows a student to register for a course which is already closed.

Where do I get a permission number?

Permission numbers are given to students by the instructor for the course if the instructor grants permission for a student to register for a class which is closed due to over-enrollment or to which the student does not have the proper rerequisites.

Important things to know about a permission number?

  • Permission numbers can only be used once
  • Permission numbers are specific to a course and section
  • Permission numbers must be used before the end of Confirmation of Registration (i.e. they expire)
  • Permission numbers are only for closed classes or for classes you do not have the prerequisites for

How do I use a permission number?

[Step by Step Directions for Using Permission Numbers]

Once in your Student Center in BIONIC, under Academics, click on Enroll.  Select the term you are enrolling for, then click continue.

If you know the four digit numeric class number (found in the catalog on BIONIC or the TriCo Catalog), enter it and click enter.  (Note:  This is different than the B125 catalog number).  If you don't know the class number, you can search for the class you wish to register for.

The screen will give details about the class and a box to the right will say "Permission Nbr" and there will be an empty box.  Fill in the six digit permission number in the empty box and click next.

permission numbr

You will receive confirmation that the permission number was accepted.  As always, make sure you complete the registration process and before the end of registration, click the complete registration button to complete the process of adding your classes.


I need help with my permission number.

Come to the Registrar's Office Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm to get assistance with registering for classes and for help entering your permission number.