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How to Enroll in Classes

All matriculated undergraduate students at Bryn Mawr College register for classes using BIONIC. Students may select courses from Bryn Mawr College and Haverford College.

Enrolling in a Bryn Mawr or Haverford Course

Enrolling in a Swarthmore College or University of Pennsylvania Course


Enrolling for a Bryn Mawr or Haverford Course

Logging In & Navigating to the Student Center

Go to BIONIC login page, type in your user ID and your College password. 

Navigate to: Self-Service > Student Center

Enrolling in Classes 

From the Student Center under Academics click on Enroll to register for classes.


  • Select the term that you are registering for from the list and click the Continue button.

  • If you know the Class Nbr (4 digit code) enter it, otherwise choose the search option (see below).  Information about the course will display

select class

  • Review the course data include notes about extra meetings, enrollment limits or topic descriptions.  If it is the course you want, click NEXT. Continue to add courses until you are done. This page also contains permission number input location.

    class data
  • Select the class(es) you want to enroll in by selecting the checkbox next to the class and then click "enroll".
    new shopping cart
  • Step 2.  Confirm your Classes.  After reviewing your courses on the page, click the Finish Enrolling button. 

  • Step 3. View Results All courses with a green check have been added to your schedule.  A red X means an error has occurred, the error will be described in the Message box.
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Searching for a Class

When you do not know the 4-digit Class Number, use the Search for Classes option. Clicking the Search button will take you to a search screen.

  • Type the first letter of the department in the Course subject box, or use the scroll bar to move through the list.
  • For the Course Number select the "Contains" option from the drop down menu.
  • In the small box to the right enter any or all of the catalog number (ie. B101 or H235A).
  • Leave the course career as undergraduate for both Bryn Mawr and Haverford courses, unless you have permission to enroll in a graduate course. 
  • Choose Additional Search Criteria to narrow your search in other ways.
  • Use the green Search button to bring back your results.  The course titles and catalog numbers are listed in the blue-grey bar above the course detail.
  • Use the Select Class button to select the course and section you want. Continue as above.

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Changing Classes (Adding, Dropping, Swapping)

Once you have added your initial courses your schedule will display. At the bottom of the page there are links to Add , Drop, and Swap Classes.

Adding a class: Click on the Add link, you can either enter the "Class Number" or "Search for Classes" as above.  (You may enroll in up to 4.5 units during preregistration and 5.5 units during registration.)

Swapping a class:  If you want to both drop a class and add a class, you can use Swap Class

  • Click on the Swap link. Choose the course you want to drop from the dropped down list in the "Swap This Class" section.
  • In the "With this Class" section you may Search for Class, Select from Wish List, or Enter Class Number of the course you want to add.
  • Click on Search, Select or Enter, as appropriate.
  • Verify your choices and click the Finish Swapping.

Dropping a Class: Click on the Drop link.  All of the courses you are registered for will display in a grid.

  • Click the check box next to the course you want to drop.
  • When you are finished, click the Drop Selected Classes button, review your selection on the next page.
  • Click the Finish Dropping button.
Changing Lab Sections (Editing a Class):
  • Click on the Edit link in the menu bar under Enroll.
    edit class
  • Select the new lab/discussion/4th hour section that you wish to enroll in and click next.
  • Complete the Registration process like normal.  Review the course information, click next. Then, click "finish editing"
    finish editing

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Using View My Class Schedule

Click on View My Class Schedule to see the courses you are registered for, along with additional course information.

Click on View My Weekly Schedule to see your courses displayed in a weekly grid. Enter a date during the semester and click GO to generate the schedule.  You can customize the display by changing the start and end times, and by turning on or off the check boxes at the bottom of the page.
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Enrolling at Consortium Schools

To register for a Swarthmore College or University of Pennsylvania Course, enter the course codes listed below.  Obtain a registration form from the Dean’s Office and follow the procedures and deadlines required by the partner institution.

University of Pennsylvania

How to Register for a UPenn Course

Swarthmore College

How to Register for a Swarthmore Course

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