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Credit: IB and A-Levels

Students may receive credit for honor scores on Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, A-Levels, and other exams. A maximum of 8 units from test and transfer credit may be used towards your degree (with the exception of transfer students who can use a maximum of 16). 

Students who matriculate in August 2011 or later may count this credit towards the 32 units needed to graduate, but not towards general education requirements*.  Credits will be posted to the student's transcript as needed.

Students who matriculated in January 2011 or earlier may use credit from these exams to satisfy the Foreign Language Requirement, the Quantitative Requirement, and at most one course requirement from each of the three divisions.


International Baccaulaureate (IB)

Bryn Mawr awards students up to eight (8) academic units for qualifying scores on the International Baccalaureate test:

  • 2 units of credit per honors score on a higher-level exam (see below)

  • 2 units of credit for the IB diploma if either of the following conditions are met:

    • An overall score of 35 or higher, OR
    • An overall score of 30-34 AND 3 Honors Scores on Higher Level exams.

Honors Level IB Scores

Subject Minimum Score
English 6
French 6
History 6
Spanish 6
All Other Liberal Arts Subjects^ 5

Note: Bryn Mawr does not give credit for standard level exams.

^ The following exams are currently under review and currently do not receive credit: Business and Management, Information Technology in a Global Society, and Design Technology.

Students should request that an official score report be sent to Bryn Mawr prior to taking the examinations.  The IBO has published a website about how to request an IB Transcript:  Bryn Mawr must receive an official score report from IBO in order to evaluate your test results.

A-Levels (General Certificate of Education)

For Advanced Exams only, each grade of A, B, C, is awarded 2 units of credit. The exception is for Economics, in which a student must earn an A or B on the exam.

Bryn Mawr does not give units of credit for Subsidiary Advanced Levels.

Students should bring in or request that an official copy of their A-Level certificate be sent to Bryn Mawr College, Office of the Registrar.  Unofficial test results or preliminary test results will not be accepted.  If you have lost your A-Level certificate, you can request a new one from:


*General education requirements including the Emily Balch Seminar, the Approaches to Inquiry, Quantitative, and Foreign Language requirements.