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How to Calculate your Grade Point Average

Each semester, the registrar calculates your GPA, both for that individual semester and cumulatively, for all the semesters you have been enrolled at Bryn Mawr.

GPA Calculation Guidelines:

    • Grades behind CR/NC are not included.

    • Grades from Haverford College, Swarthmore College, and the University of Pennsylvania are included provided the course was taken while the student was active at Bryn Mawr and taken during the Fall or Spring semesters. (Summer courses taken at these instituions or while a student is on leave from Bryn Mawr are not included)

    • Grades transferred from other institutions (including Villanova) are not included, even if taken during the regular academic term (Fall/Spring).
    • Summer school grades from Bryn Mawr courses are included, both courses on the Bryn Mawr campus and courses taken at Institut d'études françaises d'Avignon and the Italian Summer Studies program in Pisa.

    • Summer school grades from other institutions are not included.

    • GPA is calculated to three decimal points.

Please note that for determining eligibility for the two highest graduation honors (magna cum laude and summa cum laude), grades behind CR/NC are included.


How to Calculate your GPA:

Most Bryn Mawr courses are worth 1.0 units.  There are a few courses (mostly intensive languages) worth 1.5 units and quarter classes are worth 0.5 units.  The number of units for the course can be found on your transcript or by looking at your courses in BIONIC.

Bryn Mawr courses are graded on a 4.0 scale.  If you have questions about the letter equivalent grade, please reference the grading scale.

GPA = total grade points / total attempted units



M. Carey Thomas got the following grades for the Fall semester:


Course Number of Units Grade Total Grade Point*
ANTH B101  1.0 units 3.7 3.7
BIOL B110 0.5 units 3.0 1.5
BIOL B111  0.5 units 3.3 1.65
HIST H220  1.0 units 4.0 4.0
FREN B001 IN 1.5 units 3.7 5.55
MATH B104 1.0 units CR ---
  5.5 units   16.4

* Total grade points is the grade multiplied by the number of units.

Her total number of units taken was 5.5, but she took MATH B104 CR/NC which does not count towards her GPA. Therefore, for calcuating the GPA we divide by 4.5 (excluding the 1.0 unit counted as CR).

GPA = 16.4 / 4.5 = 3.64 GPA