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Early Return

Early Return Policy

In an effort to meet the travel needs of returning students and their families, our early return policy allows students living in campus housing to come back early if necessary before the dormitories open for the academic year. This policy does not apply to new students.

There are three ways returning students may return to campus in the fall:

  • On or after the official opening of dorms, at no charge

The official first day for all residential students to move in, except for new students, is the Friday before the first day of classes.  There will be no charge for students moving in on or after this day.  Dorms will open at 9am. ANY STUDENT ARRIVING BEFORE THIS DATE AND WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION AS AN OFFICIAL EARLY RETURN WILL BE CHARGED $100/DAY. 

  • For personal reasons at $50 per day

If a student must return to campus before the official opening of the dorms for personal reasons (such as transportation needs) and she is not part of a College-sponsored program, she must submit a Personal Early Return form to the Residential Life Office.  She may then be authorized to return as early as the Wednesday before classes begin, at a cost of $50.  No personal early returns will be allowed before this day. Please remember that meals are not included.  The due date is August 1. 

  • As a member of a College-sponsored program, as described below

A student may be authorized to return to campus before the official start of the fall semester as a part of a College-sponsored program, such as Athletics, Customs, Hall Advisor training, or working in a campus office.  The sponsoring office must make arrangements for the early return of these students no later than July 15 to avoid charges.  After this date, an office may request new or additional early returns, but will be charged a $50 fee per request. 

Early Return Form
Early Return FAQ