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Early Return FAQ

Q. If I bring a group back early, can they return at any time?
A. Your group may come back any day after the Friday before Customs Week, but may not come back more than one day before your program begins.

Q. If I am an employer or leader of a group and am not sure how many people will be coming back early, how should I complete the form?
A. It is easy to remove a student from the early return list. It is much harder (and more expensive, if it happens after the deadlines) to add a student to the list. Therefore, you should be ambitious in your initial listing. Add all members who you expect to come back. If someone has to cancel just let the Residential Life office know.. You will not be fined if you remove a student from your list, regardless of the date.

Q. How do I provide meals for my group?
A. If you are providing meals through Dining Services, you must contact their office directly to make arrangements for your group. Even if all you have is an estimated number of attendees, BMCDS needs this information as soon as possible.

Q. Why are the deadlines so early?
A. It is very hard to convert the dorms from summer living to academic year residence. We need to give Housekeeping plenty of opportunity to prepare for the switch. To provide for this kind of time, we need a final count of students so that Housekeeping can make an accurate assessment of the required work level and make accommodations as they see fit.

Q. If I'm living here over the summer, do I need an Early Return form?
A. If you plan on living on campus between the end of the summer session and the official opening of the dorms (the Friday before classes), then you must be listed on an early return form. Summer housing does not guarantee early return. Students not associated with groups may not be on campus until the Wednesday before classes begin.

Q. The group form requests a staff contact, but my group has no faculty or staff advisor. How do I complete the form?
A. An on-campus staff or faculty contact is required on the group early return form. You should make an effort to identify a staff or faculty member who could speak for your group. This should be someone who can get in touch with you quickly and who could receive your meal tickets via campus mail. If no staff or faculty contact can be found, the Residential Life office should be listed as the contact.