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Summer Break

Housing during the Summer Vacation period is handled by the Office of Conferences and Events. There are fees for remaining on campus. All summer housing requests must be made by contacting the Office of Conferences and Events at 610-526-7329.

During the Summer Vacation period, all One-Card access will be disabled for all students.

If you are interested in returning early from Summer Vacation, you must apply for an early return through the Office of Residential Life. Early Return information and forms will become available online at the end of spring semester each academic year.

Even if you arrange for summer housing for the entire summer, this does not cover the early return period before the beginning of classes. If you intend to remain on campus through the entire summer, you must work with both the Office of Conferences and Events and the Office of Residential Life to ensure available housing.

During the summer months, it is expected that all student belongings will be removed from dorm rooms. For more information on storage, click here. Items remaining in rooms will be disposed of by the College. Belongings may not be left at the College if a student is a summer resident but is not on campus during the early return period.