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Winter Break

During the Winter Break, students may not remain in the dorms. All one-card access to College buildings will be disabled for all residential students. We maintain one dorm for Winter Break housing, this year it is Rhoads. Winter Break housing is available to a limited number of qualifying residential students for a fee.  Eligible students who wish to remain on campus during the break must submit a winter break housing application form to the Residential Life Office. For those students living in campus housing who need to remain at the College over break, there are some important things to keep in mind:

1.  The College closes down from the beginning of Winter Break until the next business day after New Years Day. Campus Safety is the only office that remains open during this time. Other offices, such as Dining Services, Health and Counseling Services, the Dean's Office, the Library, Residential Life, and the Campus Center are all closed. Any student remaining in residence on campus is expected to provide her own meals and general care. After the first of the new year, the College resumes operations for the most part. However, dining facilities and the Health Center will not open until the end of Winter Break. In the event of an emergency, Campus Safety is available to respond. In addition, a student Hall Advisor will be living in the dorm throughout the winter break period.

2.  There are a limited number of spaces in the Winter Break dorm. To best meet the needs of residential students, members of the following groups are the only students who may request Winter Break housing:

  • International Students - these students are eligible to remain at the College for the duration of Winter Break.
  • Pre-Season Athletes - coaches will submit a form on behalf of their whole team.  Athletes may reside at the College only during the time of their training.
  • Students taking classes at Penn - these students may reside at the College only during the time of their Penn course.
  • Students participating in special College sponsored programs (e.g. Management course).
  • In addition, to accommodate students with transportation issues, any student is eligible to stay overnight in Rhoads on the first night of break only.

Students who want to work over break, either at traditional jobs, campus jobs, or internships, are not eligible for Winter Break housing. Any student remaining in the area for work purposes should make alternative housing arrangements.

Students with special circumstances that require them to remain on campus during the break and who do not meet the requirements listed above, must discuss their situation with their dean and receive the dean's approval.  A Winter Break Housing application form still needs to be submitted to the Residential Life Office.

Current Rhoads residents who are eligible for Winter Break housing must also submit an application form as their One Cards will not work during the break and they will need to be assigned a key fob for access.

3.  The same policies that are in effect during the rest of the academic year apply during breaks. Winter Break residents are still living on campus under the Honor Code. In addition to the typical policies, we ask that Winter Break residents refrain from having overnight guests. Given the limited support staff on campus during this time, it is imperative that we know exactly who is in the dorm during the break. It is strictly against our policy to allow other Bryn Mawr students to return to campus at any point during break and stay with you in your room. Violators will be subject to administrative action. In addition, there should be absolutely NO SMOKING at all in rooms or common areas of Rhoads.

Application forms for Winter Break housing are available online beginning in early November. All applications are subject to approval by the Residential Life Office, the Athletics Department, the Dean's Office and the Registrar.

There is a fee for Winter Break housing.  All fees and guidelines are detailed in the housing application form.