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Q. What size sheets should I bring?
A. The majority of beds on campus are extra-long with mattresses measuring 36"x79"x6". It is highly likely that, at some point in your college career, you will have a room with an extra-long bed. Extra-long sheets are recommended, since they can fit on any size bed on Bryn Mawr's campus.

Q. What should I bring for my room?
A. For detailed answers about what is and isn't allowed in dorm rooms, please refer to the Important Information webpage.

Q. What happens if I don't like my roommate?
A. Part of the collegiate experience is learning to co-exist with many different kinds of people. Students are encouraged to resolve conflicts and differences among themselves. If resolution cannot be reached, there is always the possibility of a room change.

Q. How do I get a room change?
A. Room changes are only given in certain situations. These situations include, but are not limited to, unresolvable roommate conflict or problems with structural integrity of a room. Any student interested in a room change must fill out the appropriate paperwork, which is available beginning in early October at the Student Life Office in the Campus Center. Once paperwork has been filed, each individual case is reviewed by members of Residence Council. All concerned parties are interviewed, and a decision is made. There is opportunity for appeals, as well as opportunity to re-file a room change request later in the year.

Q. Can I have guests in my room?
A. Please refer to the policies webpage for information on our guest policy.

Q. How can I see what various rooms look like in preparation for Room Draw?
A. You can check the floorplans of each dorm to get an idea of the shape and relative size of the rooms you are interested in, but please note that the floorplans are not drawn to scale. 

Q. How does Room Draw work?
A. Visit the Room Draw webpages for a detailed explanation of the Room Draw process.

Q. How are the dorms set up?
A. Each dorm on Bryn Mawr's campus is unique in style and architecture. Each dorm, with exception of Batten House and Enid Cook Center, houses a mixture of all undergraduate classes. Freshwomen are placed into dorms in groups called "customs groups." Upperclasswomen participate in Room Draw each spring to determine which room they will have during the next academic year.

Q. Are the dorms air conditioned?

A. The dorms are not air conditioned.  Students are encouraged to bring fans for use during the occasional hot day at the beginning and end of the academic year.  Students may not install room air conditioners.

Q. Is there a freshman dorm?
A. All dorms on campus contain a mixture of classes. There is no dorm on campus that only holds freshwomen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors. Several specialty dorms do not house freshwomen, but contain a mixture of the remaining three classes.

Q. Who is in charge of each dorm?
A. Bryn Mawr College's policies are the only administrative structure that must be abided in each dorm. Every dorm is governed by its own community. There is a dorm president who is in charge of holding dorm meetings where residents vote on various dorm issues. Customs people are on each hall and work with the freshwomen. Hall Advisors are on each floor as a resource for all students, but none of these positions is responsible for policing dorm life.

Q. Can I live in the dorm during vacation breaks?
A. Full-time students residing in Bryn Mawr College residence halls may remain on campus during Fall, Thanksgiving and Spring breaks. During Winter and Summer breaks, additional arrangements must be made at additional cost to stay in the dorms. During these times, there are restricitions that apply to residents remaining on campus. For more information, click here.

Q. How do you get to be an HA?
A. HAs are selected each year from a field of applicants. To learn more about the HA position, visit the HA webpages.

Q. Where is the Residential Life Office?
A. The Residential Life Office and the Student Activities Office are both contained within the Offices of Student Life in the lower level of Guild. Once you walk down the stairs on the right, walk all the way down the hallway. We are the last door on the right.

Q. Can I work in the Residential Life Office?
A. Each year, we hire several students to help with administrative duties in the office. Positions usually fill quickly, so contact the Residential Life Office at the end of each school year to inquire about open positions in the fall.