Merion Hall

Details Floorplans
Floors: 4 First Floor
Capacity: 102 Second Floor
Room Types: First Year doubles, triple & quads; UC singles and double

Third Floor

Fourth Floor

Networking: yes
Smoking: no


Merion, Bryn Mawr's oldest residence hall, was designed by Addison Hutton and completed in 1885 (the year Bryn Mawr opened). Many of its rooms still contain the fireplaces and window seats used by the College's first students, while its stairwells are decorated with the original stained glass windows. Merion's exterior stonework was recently repointed and the copper detailing replaced. New bedroom spaces were added to the fourth floor in Summer 1998 to complete the hall's renovation. Merion Green, the "center" of campus, serves as the main venue for outdoor events, including picnics, dances, concerts, carnivals, May Day, Commencement and Reunion.