Pembroke West

Details Floorplans
Floors: 3 First Floor
Capacity: 114 Second Floor
Room Types: First Year doubles, triples & quads; UC singles, doubles & triple Third Floor
Networking: yes
Smoking: no


Pembroke Hall, which consists of East and West wings, was the second hall designed by Cope and Stewardson. Completed in 1894 and renovated in 1982, many rooms in both wings still contain the original fireplaces and window seats. Katharine Hepburn lived in Pembroke West when she was a Bryn Mawr undergraduate.

Pembroke Arch, which connects the East and West wings, is a popular campus landmark and houses the College's dance studio. The Arch attic was renovated in Summer 1998 to add ten upperclass rooms to Pembroke East. This new floor has its own bathroom, pantry and study lounge, and spectacular views of the campus.


Pem West