Perry House 

(Offline for 2013/2014)

Details Floorplans
Floors: 2 First Floor
Capacity: 7 Second Floor
Room Types: UC singles and one double
Networking: no, but a DSL high-speed connection is available at a common terminal on the first floor of the house.
Smoking: no
Co-Ed: no


Perry House, purchased by the College in 1962, was originally used as "Spanish House." Today, it serves as the Black Cultural Center and residence.

Upperclasswomen interested in living at Perry must be members of Sisterhood, BACaSO, or Mujeres and must submit applications during Room Draw each Spring. Residence in the house is offered to a student based on her participation in the cultural organization(s) of which she is a member, service to the community, and commitment to the goals and responsibilities of co-operative house living. The house is equipped with a full kitchen, so Perry residents may choose not to purchase a College board plan.


Perry House