Some of our forms are PDF files. If you are having trouble opening these files, click here to download and install free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. If you do not see a link for a specific form, it has not yet been created for this academic year.  Forms are uploaded as soon as current versions are available.

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Housing Preference Form

This form is primarily for students abroad in the fall and returning to campus for spring semester, for students who have been away from the College and not eligible for Room Draw, or for students who are on the wait list for housing for the fall semester. It is NOT intended for anyone who will be participating in Room Draw. If you are abroad during the spring semester, do not fill out this form; instead you should designate a proxy to participate in Room Draw on your behalf.

Batten House Application

If you indicated on your Housing Preference form that Batten House is your first choice you must also submit this form.

Enid Cook Center Application

If you indicated on your Housing Preference form that Enid Cook Center is your first choice you must also submit this form.

Off Campus Housing Application

The College limits the number of residential undergraduate students who are permitted to live off campus, with priority given to seniors. Students who are interested in being given permission to live off campus must submit this off campus housing application. Please keep in mind that signing a rental agreement with a landlord prior to being approved through the formal applications process does not guarantee that a student will be approved to live off campus.  Any agreement that a student signs poses financial and legal risks which are the responsibility of the student and/or parents/guardians who signed the agreement.



ANY STUDENT ARRIVING BEFORE THE DORMS OPEN OR BEFORE THEIR AUTHORIZED EARLY RETURN DATE WILL BE CHARGED $100/DAY! Early Return is for residential students only.  Students going JYA or living off campus are not eligible.

Personal Early Return Request Form 
This form should be filled out by individuals returning early to campus for personal reasons.

College-Sponsored Early Return Request Form
This form should be filled out by campus employers or leaders of groups who will be returning early to campus for College-sponsored programs or employment.


Winter Break Housing Application Form

Rhoads is the designated Winter Break housing dorm.  Winter Break housing for eligible students is not guaranteed and is allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Pre-season athletes should not use this form; coaches will submit forms for their teams. 


HA applications and recommendations will be available in late January 2018.  Applicants must come to the Residential Life Office to sign up for an interview.  JYA applicants will be interviewed on skype.  Current junior HAs applying for re-appointment will be emailed a separate application.

Hall Advisor Application Form

Hall Advisor Recommendation Form

ROOM DRAW FORMS are available on the Room Draw webpage.