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Hall Advisor Job Description

Introduction - General Statement of Duties - Roles and Responsibilities - Length of Appointment - Assignment to Specific Dorm - Academic Standards - Remuneration - Eligibility for Re-Appointment - Termination - Application Procedures


Bryn Mawr College believes that living with other students is a valuable part of the college experience.  Students learn from participating in the diverse social environment of their hall, and the personal relationships they form there significantly enhance their academic learning.  The Hall Advisor (HA) role was developed to be an important resource for students living in the halls.  HAs have been a part of residential life at Bryn Mawr for over three decades.  During that time, student evaluations have consistently expressed residents' appreciation for the HA position and for the work of the HAs on their halls.


The Hall Advisor is a junior or senior who is assigned to a particular residence hall and serves as an advisor to residents.  The HA assists in developing a living-learning community among residents, helps with the administrative operation of the hall, and helps educate students about College policies and the Honor Code.  In addition, the HA provides information about College services and resources, and initiates social and educational opportunities to provide an integrated learning experience for residents.  The HA develops a familiarity with the College's goals, services, and referral sources and endeavors to help students benefit from the services of the College in both emergency and everyday situations.  HAs are expected to model successful community living in the spirit of the Honor Code through their words and actions. 


Community Development:

  • Takes initiative to get to know residents both individually and as a group.
  • Maintains an active and visible role on the hall and is available and approachable for residents. 
  • Leads residents to help develop ways that promote consideration of individual needs as well as a sense of social/community responsibility.
  • Serves as a role model for residents by encouraging and modeling successful community living in the spirit of the honor code through their words and actions.  HAs are expected to hold themselves to the highest personal standards, and to the standards of behavior set by the College.  As the Honor Code states, “The Hall Advisor’s role is that of advising students on how to use the Honor Code.  Hall advisors may, if asked by one of the conflicting parties, help facilitate, but not mediate, the resolution of prolonged disputes.  They are a part of the support network during repeated attempts at confrontation; they may give advice to both sides.”
  • Disseminates information about campus events, policies and procedures to residents by posting flyers, maintaining up to date bulletin boards, and hosting meetings.
  • Facilitates purposeful and relevant programs and activities for residents, including two social events per semester and two educational events per semester.


Peer Advisor:

  • Assists students with personal, social, and academic matters and makes referrals to campus and off campus resources as needed.
  • Makes an effort to be aware of group and interpersonal conflict and helps students take personal responsibility for resolving issues.
  • Responds appropriately to students in crisis through assessment and referral to appropriate resources.


Residential Life Team Member:

  • Attends and participates in HA training and meetings, organized by Residential Life and/or other College staff, and assists with regular Residential Life operations, such as dorm closings.

These are mandatory commitments and include, but are not limited to:

      • Hall Advisor Training (in the summer before Customs)
      • Fall Semester Dorm Closing
      • HA Spring Semester Welcome Back (in January when the dorms open)
      • Spring Semester Dorm Checkouts
      • HA Area group meetings (1.5 hours weekly)
      • Individual meetings with supervisor (3 formal meetings per semester)
  • Maintains frequent communication with other Hall Advisors and Residential Life staff, including checking e-mail, voicemail, and campus mail on a daily basis.
  • Serves as liaison to other campus departments and offices in both routine and emergency situations.


Dorm Leadership Team Member:

As members of Dorm Leadership Teams, students are encouraged to work together to achieve group goals and maintain positive communities throughout the residence halls.  It is expected that students will take their roles in the DLT seriously and that they will communicate effectively with teammates and with support staff (Deans' Office, Intercultural Affairs, Residential Life) to do so.  In addition to collaborating within dorm spaces to create safe, productive residential environments, it is expected that DLT members will accomplish the following tasks:

  • Educate the dorm community about various responsibilities of the DLT and the positions within the DLT, as well as the support resources that each position offers.
  • Maintain a strong presence within the dorm by keeping office hours, being available during high-need periods, and other mechanisms.
  • Communicate with administrators, namely the DLT support staff, when situations arise that warrant administrator input or involvement.
  • Attend all DLT training sessions, which occur before the start of the academic year and throughout each semester.
  • Host one educational dorm event per semester in which the DLT shares with residents information from training sessions.
  • Attend to the administrative tasks associated with a DLT position, such as completing time cards, filing records or reports, etc.
  • Attend 3 meetings with fellow DLT members per semester, as coordinated and facilitated by DLT Advisors.

In order to ensure that DLT members are able to achieve the above tasks, all DLT members are limited to holding only one position within the DLT.  In the event that a DLT member fails to satisfactorily complete the above tasks, the DLT support staff reserves the right to hold students to their position agreement, including the removal from the DLT and the student organization.


The Hall Advisor position is considered an appointment for one complete academic year.  Although Hall Advisors work no minimum or maximum number of hours, the average time each week required to fulfill the position responsibilities is estimated to be 8 - 10 hours.  This estimate is provided as a guideline, and weekly fluctuations are expected to occur.


HAs will be assigned to a specific room by the selection committee and will have responsibility for a specific area of the hall.  Acceptance of an HA position requires acceptance of the room assignment.


All Hall Advisors must be in good academic standing with the College and be enrolled as a full-time student. 


Hall advisors make a voluntary commitment to serve the community.  The principal benefits of the HA role are the personal growth and experiences that come from working with and helping a diverse and talented group of students.  A minimum stipend of $2500 for the academic year is provided, and will be disbursed according to the College bi-weekly payroll schedule.


Hall Advisors are eligible to re-apply for a second year.  Eligibility in itself, however, does not constitute a commitment of the Office of Residential Life to offer reappointment.


Termination, by mutual agreement, may be effected at any time.  This appointment is also subject to termination by the Office of Residential Life prior to its normal expiration if the enrollment of the staff member at Bryn Mawr College ceases.  The appointment may also be terminated for serious failure to satisfactorily meet position responsibilities and/or commitments, for failure to meet academic or employment standards, or for conduct that violates College policies or that does not meet the standards of behavior set by the College or the Office of Residential Life.  Upon termination of employment by the staff member, by the College, or by mutual agreement, remuneration will be pro-rated to cover only that period for which the individual was employed.  In most cases, the termination of employment includes relocation to another room.


HAs will be appointed by the Director of Residential Life on recommendation from a committee of current HAs and administrators. Application materials are available at the link below to any eligible student who wishes to apply.  All application materials must be submitted to Residential Life by the due date on the application form.  Candidates will then be interviewed by the selection committee.  Depending on the number of applicants, it may not be possible to interview everyone.

Appointments, including room assignments, will be announced on the Monday after Spring Break. Bryn Mawr College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age, or physical disabilities in its college-administered programs or its employment practices.

BRYN MAWR COLLEGE is an Equal Opportunity Employer. (EOE M/F)


Link to the application form and recommendation form

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